Friday, 3 October 2014

Slumberdown sleepwell range

A while ago I was sent the  new duvet cover and pillow from Slumberdown's new range, Sleepwell. I've had Slumberdown duvets before so I didn't hesitate in getting them thrown on the bed. I've had them on a few weeks now and as expected I'm impressed.

The new range Sleepwell which is  available at Asda (and is currently on offer!) is filled with silky and soft hollow fibre. The striped embossed covers give such a luxurious feel its feel like your in a posh hotel!

Even weeks after my bedding still has that new bouncy feeling to it that other covers quickly lose. Also with the change of weather I don't feel any hotter or colder its seems to keep you at the perfect temperature.

If you like a bit of luxury in your life without the luxury price tags I would definitely try the sleepwell striped embossed cover.

The only thing I found is with the pillows you need two. I used to just sleep with one pillow but with these they are quite thin. They come in a pair and that's probably why. They are super comfy with two and just so soft.

Talking about my bed I could just go there now...