Sunday, 27 March 2011

Thank you cows....

I love this competition it gives you 12 times to win a prize and over the last couple of days i have won £10 cheque and another yoghurt.
Also i've had an email to say that i have won another fairtrade bundle from the facebook competition. I cant wait to receive them and see whats in them.


  1. Hi there, I won a few Fairtrade bundles aswell, can't wait to find out what's in them. I got an email a few days ago asking me to confirm my birthdate a s I needed to be over 18 for one of the prizes. That should be interesting.

  2. Interesting they haven't asked me so maybe they are all different for each catorgory. I'm tryiing not to expect too much, my partner keeps saying it will just be a load of samples! Thanks for the follow :)