Friday, 9 November 2012

Postcard comps......

I'm sat here writing out postcards to win competitions for all different prizes. I find myself wondering so many things. This year I haven't won a postcard comp, in fact I think the only postcard comp I have won is a bottle of mouthwash from what I can remember. I try to match up with the theme of the competition, so if its to win a car i use a car card, if its a shopping comp I use a shopping card etc.

I've cut up my birthday cards to make eye catching entries. I find myself wondering does it really matter what they look like, does the promotor really put all the entries in a pile and pick one out? I must enter about 20 per month. I suppose this is very little compared to some people. This doesn't include entry forms.

When a company offers entry via text or postcard do you have a better chance with a certain entry method? I have been a subscriber to style at home magazine for the past year and I have entered at least 2 entry form competitions with them per month (sometimes they have more). There is also entry methods via phone or text. I always feel they would prefer the entry form as it proves I read the magazine.
Have people stopped entering postcard competitions because the price of stamps have gone up? I know i haven't because I think if less people are entering then I must have more chance of winning!! I don't have any friends that comp so I don't really have anyone to compare to.
So what are your thoughts on postcard comps?

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