Friday, 28 June 2013

Whats in my handbag?

This is an entry to Moneysupermarket whats in your handbag competition. All you need to do is write a blog post about whats in your handbag, the over all winner, which is chosen at random will win a Mulberry Bayswater shoulder handbag, purse and phone case. Six runner-ups will receive a £25 ASOS voucher. Competition closes 1st July. 

I love handbags, I don't have a huge collection, although my husband may disagree. I certainly haven't bought one for a while. The last one I got was a gift for my birthday in October, which is the one I'm using today. Its from River Island and just the right size and style for my at the moment. 

Now I'm not carrying a changing bag around I tend to make the most of it and travel light. I don't have time to re apply my make-up throughout the day so I don't carry tons of make-up.

I think the bag was about £35 and is quite large. Here's a similar version but smaller from River Island.

And this is the contents of my bag. My Prada sunglasses that I bought with my £200 selfridges win about a year ago. My diary, I am so forgetful I can not function without looking in this every day. My phone and keys, a pen. I try and always have a spare hair grip for Millie as she is always losing or pulling out her hair bobbles, so this helps to keep in out of her face. I usually have my blackberry playbook, so I can check emails, work stuff etc. while on the go. And my purse, usually with pennies in!

I got this purse about 3 years ago I think. My son gave my this toy story sticker for my birthday! It has been on there ever since he decided I must have it!

This concealer really is the best ever! It is a tester I nicked it off my stand at work when they discontinued it! I'm not sure what I will do when this one runs out.

Moneysupermarket are trying to highlight just how much people carry around with them including the cost of your handbag, so here's a little breakdown of my costs:

Handbag £35
Purse £20
phone £150 (new price)
Playbook £150
concealer £10
Sunglasses £215
Keys £100 (to replace them?)
Total £680

So there you have it, I also had a load of receipts and sainsburys £5 off your first £60 spend vouchers, (you know what I mean, please don't tell me I am the only one who gets them every time I go shopping), but you don't really need to see them.

What do you have in your bag? Anything unusual or pretty much the same?

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