Thursday, 5 May 2011

2 small wins today

I won a Mr Tumble magazine, my boys love watching him so hopefully will enjoy the activities in the magazine. I also won an ID gel wallpaper stripping tool from a facebook competition. This will come in handy when we decorate the kitchen.
Since I have come back from my holiday I have been thinking of prizes that I wouold like to win because I need to buy them anyway. Firstly I am going to need a pushchair, my daughter is 6 months old now and my son is 2 and a half and is not wanting to go in the double pram any more. I have a phil and ted so it can be used as a single pram, but as we will be going on holiday in the summer a small pushchair is a must. So I have 3 months to win one!! I am going to give it my best shot, I thought I would start by doing the following things:
  • Add all baby and pushchair companies on facebook
  • Add all companies on twitter
  • Do all pushchair related competitions on moneysavingexpert
  • Open all my baby related 'junk' emails I get to see if they have any competitions
Anybody have any other ideas? Please let me know.:)
Secondly I am going to need mascara in the next couple of weeks so will do all the above points aswell, i'm really hoping this will be an easier challenge as I have won a few before!
Wish me luck....

Prizes today £5
Running Total £241

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