Thursday, 9 June 2011

Anything you can do I can do it better

I have wanted a magazine rack for our living room and couldn't find one suitable or at a decent price, after looking round for ages I gave up, then I spotted one in a charity shop for £2.50. I bought it and decided i would paint it to match our decor, after reserching i found a competition on the rustoleum website so decided to go for that one so I could enter the competition aswell. Here are my before and after pictures:

 After Dave had seen this he set about winning the challenge, here's his pictures!!

After giving my number by accident when he entered (to busy being a smart arse!) I got the phone call yesterday to say that he had won the £250!! After asking the very nice lady on the phone if my magazine rack was chosen, she said no but said she would send 4 cans along with dave's money so I can have another go. I couldn't believe it, its the biggest win I have had (although it was technically dave who won it, but to bad he gave my number haha!)

This is a great competition to enter, they are running it every month until december 2012, giving £250 as first prize as well as 10 runners up of 6 cans each! Enter here

I also have some VERY exciting news, I have been chosen to be in the final eight nectars savviest family blogging competition! eeeek I'm very nervous and excited as I don't have any experience of blogging but I will give it my best shot!

I had an email today to say I have won a years membership to the woodlands trust with the ronseal competition, they are giving a membership away everyday so its worth entering.

Prizes today : £283.00
Prize total : £607.00


  1. What a fabulous win, I love the paint jobs! Great news about Nectar too - good luck with that! :)