Friday, 15 February 2013

Chicken Pox

I've never had chicken pox. Most people seem to gasp in horror when I tell them. I was tested when I was pregnant and it seems I am immune  to them.

Millie however mustn't be, yesterday afternoon I noticed a few spots on her tummy and one on her hand. After doing 'the glass test' I thought it could be chicken pox. Now I think about it she has been grumpy for about a week but nothing I could put my finger on. I thought she had just turned into a stroppy 2 year old.

This morning she woke up with rather a lot of spots on her tummy neck and back and a few odd ones on her arms and legs. She also has a huge one on the back of her head. She doesn't seem to be fussed by them at all and up to now they don't seem to be itching her. She has gone to bed with quite alot more and they have increased in size.

After reading about them online it seems she is still contagious and will be until the spots have crusted over which will take about 6 days. Neither of my boys have had them either and I'm hoping they will be immune to it like me. Otherwise we are going to have a really grumpy half term!

As I say she doesn't seem to be itching just yet, but I will stock up on camoline lotions just incase. Has anyone else got any tips on how to cope with chicken pox so I can be prepared?  

I didn't want to take pictures of her while she was grumpy and not in the mood, so here's one while shes her usual happy self!
Taken about 2 weeks ago

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