Friday, 12 July 2013

HELP! I need my competition fix!

We are over half way through the year now and i can't quite believe how quick its gone. I feel like at the moment all I'm blogging is competition entries. I've not had a good win in quite a while and I'm getting twitchy and stroppy about it! So I thought I would write down and reflect on the past 6 months of my comping.

In January I wrote a wishlist of things that I thought I would really like to win. The list consisted of 10 things, I have won 2 things off the wishlist - food shopping vouchers  (£170 of them) and childrens clothes vouchers. I have won a voucher for a free pair of shoes and some PJ's.

My list has changed abit and I no longer want to win a sofa as we gave in and bought one. I don't really want to win DIY or garden vouchers as we have pretty much decorated everywhere now.

So I'm still looking out for 

  • A Mulberry handbag
  • A weekend break
  • A years supply of anything useful (food, toiletries etc)
  • A hamper
I'm not really to fussed about a new TV or laptop, my laptop is still going and I don't need a TV in my bedroom really.

But I would like to add
  • A kitchen aid mixer
  • Some nice shoes for me
  • Toys I can put away for Christmas
Over the past 6 months I have won £2062 worth of prizes which is way more than last year. I've won over £1000 worth of cash which has been a fantastic help financially and the main reason we could afford our new sofa.

I have fits and starts with comping and sometimes I just find myself reading and looking about all the different wins and way over people have won rather than entering myself. Sometimes I feel like I hardly win anything compared to other people. I am going to try and concentrate on winning prizes off my wishlist, starting with the bag! I really need to feel that 'buzz' of winning very soon.
 I feel like an addict waiting for my fix! Do you ever get like that?

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