Monday, 29 July 2013

Super Saturday BBQ

BBQing is quite a regular occurrence in our family, we all love a BBQ and when the sun is shining we are guaranteed to have at least one at the weekend. These usually happen at my parents house and my Dad has taken on the role of chief BBQer. He will BBQ in all weather conditions though, as there is no guarantee with the British weather and regularly changes mid way through BBQ, which it did this weekend. He has even been known to do a BBQ in the snow!! Nothing stops him!!

This week we had some super tasty taste the difference sausages from Sainsburys and some pork chops. I buy them when they are on offer then cling film them so we can just take out the amount we need.

Fresh egg salad always goes nicely with BBQs

Strawberries and ice-cream for dessert.

We usually just play around the garden bare foot but this week there were so many bees hanging around the grass we didn't dare!

It actually started raining shortly after this photo was taken luckily the sides come down on this gazebo so we were still able to stay outside as the shower passed .

Leon is a keen BBQer and is picking up tips from his grandad!

Toby watching the bees.

The rain comes down and the brollys go up!

Its really easy to have a BBQ for least than £50. Here's some of my top tips:
  • Shop ahead, BBQ meat is often on offer, like the sausages I bought 3 packs for £5.
  • The children are allowed fizzy at the weekend. Aldi do a whole bottle of lemonade for 19p, this easily lasts them 2 BBQs
  • Buy a tub of vanilla ice cream and cones rather than buying ready made ones, its much cheaper and lasts longer, for the adults buy or make something to go with the ice cream, like we had strawberries. You could make cookies and chocolate cake really cheaply.
  • You have GOT the have marshmallows- its the BBQing law. Sainsburys own brand are perfect, don't get the sugar free ones though.
  • Sainsburys finger baps and burger baps are often 2 for £1 but go on the morning of your BBQ because they often sellout on sunny days.
  • Buy salad at Aldi its SO much cheaper, although I don't  think its lasts quite as long but you don't need it to if its just for your BBQ.

This is my entry to the moneysupermarket Charcoal Challenge. 

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