Monday, 21 October 2013

Weekly weigh in

I've just completed my first week on a 'diet'. I'm hopeless at them. I have excuses as usual... it was my birthday this week, I did well until then, I had two cakes made for me and went out for a meal. Towards the end of the week I just felt like I had failed so I had no will power.

I lost 1lb. I know this is better than gaining or putting on but i just felt a little disappointed in myself. The thing is I get impatient I like to see results quick and I know this is really unrealistic. However one of my clients has been doing the ferriss diet and highly recommends it. I'm going to give it a go, I particularly LOVE that you can take one day off a week and eat as much as you want!

I'm feeling alot more positive this week and I know its going to be another hard week, its half term and Millie's birthday, but I will keep on track until Saturday... my cheat day :)