Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Atlantic #Barstool competition entry

Atlantic Shopping are currently running a competition and have 5 vouchers up for grabs to spend on their site. All you have to do is choose a photo that you would have a on bar stool and say why you choose that one. Entries can be made via facebook twitter or a blog post.

It's really got me thinking about what I would have. My favourite pictures are of my children but it just doesn't seem right sitting on a barstool with your children's face on! In fact I don't particularly like any furniture with people's faces on, I just think its abit tacky. Plus I don't think when they get to teenagers they would sit on the barstools if they had pictures of themselves on!

Its got to fit in with the kitchen and the decor as you change it over the years. Its got to fit with the seasons, a wintery image wouldn't cheer your days up in the summer and vice versa.

I thought about my bouquet of flowers on my wedding day, or pictures of my favourite places in Italy or of the Eiffel tower from when we visited, my children's handprints and fingerprints. The list really is endless of favourite things. Then I thought food...

Most of our time spent in the kitchen is because of food, either preparing, eating baking and cooking. So I thought images of my favourite foods. Or of the favourite cakes I've baked. I think they will fit just right in the kitchen.

These are my favourite cupcakes I have made,mainly because I love shoes! Food and shoes we're on to a winner really :)

I think the ET on this is possibly the best icing model I have ever made, I was so proud of it! So it would be a nice reminder of what I have created.

Do you ever grow out of Wallace and Gromit?

Yummy warm food, this is a favourite in our house too and fun food always cheers you up whatever the weather or the season.

Bright, fresh food to liven up the kitchen, I love this picture it was taken in the summer, its just bright and juicy. Of all the pictures this is really the one I can imagine best. I have a cream kitchen so with this on the barstools it would really brighten the place up and inject a nice bright colour.

All these pictures would really get my creative juices going in the kitchen not to mention my tastebuds!
Which picture would you choose if you had to choose on of these?

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