Sunday 14 April 2013

Ohso healthy chocolate giveaway

Everybody loves chocolate right? I am such a chocoholic and not a day goes by when i don't eat just a little bit. I know its bad! Then I came across Ohso chocolate- a healthy chocolate!!

Ohso sent me some chocolate to try. To be honest I'm more of a milk chocolate girl and ohso comes in dark chocolate or orange chocolate but as it claims to be healthy I thought I would give it a go!

They came through the door nicely packaged in a cardboard box

And once unwrapped they are so cute! They are small but I suppose that encourages you not to eat too much! At 13.5g per bar they are just the right amount to keep your digestive system healthy.

You also get a little "did you know" leaflet inside which has some interesting facts:
  • Probiotics promote healthy gastrointestinal functions that help to nourish the body.
  • Dark chocolate is a natural product which contains antioxidants to help strengthen your body's own natural defences.
  • Ohso chocolate is 3x more effective than most probioctic milk drinks at delivering around a billion good bacteria to your intestine.
  • Ohso chocolate is cholesterol, gluten and wheat free with no added dairy.

Did it taste good? Well not being that into dark chocolate it was good and actually quite soft, I think dark chocolate has more of a harder taste and doesn't really melt in your mouth like milk chocolate. Well this kind of did. I couldn't have ate any more than the bar in one go, which is good the I won't scoff the lot!! I wasn't too keen on the orange bar, it has a really strong taste of orange.

I think they are really good little bars, I would by them if i was trying to be wary of being healthy. My husband also tried them and he said he would rather eat one of these every day than a probioctic yoghurt.

One of you will get to decide for yourself what you think because Ohso have given me a months supply to give away. This is 4 packs of these little delightful bars! Simply enter to rafflecopter widget below. Good Luck!

Competition ends 28th April. UK entries only. Winner will be chosen at random. Ohso will send the  prize.


  1. 72 calories

  2. Lynsey Buchanan15 April 2013 at 18:42

    72 calories

  3. 72 calories

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler

  4. There are 72 calories in each bar, perfect for a nighttime treat!

  5. 72 delicious calories per bar

  6. 72 calories - omg! you serious? I could eat loads of them!

  7. 72 calories im impressed and i like orange chocolate so thats even more a bonus lol

  8. 72 calories. Best thing ever!! So exited!

  9. Having been on Slimming World since Aug and I have nearly lost 3 stone - a healthy bar of chocolate is my idea of heaven! It has 72 calories btw...! (AMAZING!)

    Jen xx

  10. Only 72? No Way!

    Lle Schreiber on Rafflecopter

  11. The perfect weekly regime and with only 72 kcal's per bar you can feel good about eating delicious healthy chocolate

  12. 72 calories?!?!

  13. 72 Calories

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