Sunday, 7 April 2013 #pinforpoints currently have a pinterest competition win nectar points. There is a grand prize of 60,000 and 50 runners up of 2000. I think its such a generous prize. Usually I don't bother with pinterest competitions, by time I've browsed all the pictures I never have the time to compose the entry! This year we are really trying to concentrate on sprucing up our home, so this competition is of great interest to me! So here's a link to my board.

It's really simple to enter all you need to do is pin at least 20 images showing how you would spend 1,000,00 nectar points. I had loads of fun imagining all these new things would turn up at the door at once, if i was to buy all these things i would have to put some money towards it!!!

Most of my imagines are quite obvious as to why I chose them, for example the dishwasher, simply because i don't have one and it would make my life lots easier!

Last year we spent so much of our time doing the garden up, we chopped hedges, bushes and trees down. My husband block paved the drive and paths and we have just about cleared all the mess it created. The BBQ would be perfect so we could invite friends round to see all our hard work we have done over the past year and of course it would help us to thank them for their help. The garden set would look great we don;t have one at the moment and it would be nice to sit outside WHEN we get some warmer weather. If we had the patio heater though as long as its not raining it wouldn't  matter if it was on the chilly side because this would keep us warmer.

I also chose the grass trimmer and lawn mower as these would help us maintain the garden. (As soon as we put some turf down!)

Next up are these toys...for my husband! Yep he's loves a good nerf gun, we bought him one for his birthday last year as the boys had them, but 2 year old Millie has claimed it as its automatic and she can fire it at her brothers perfectly. So apparently he's in need of a bigger and better and this one certainly fits the bill! Also i would get him this Lego Start Wars because I know he secretly wants one :)

Well i have 3 children so i would definitely need 3 presents. A pram for Millie she doesn't have one and at nearly 2 and a half I think she would love it. A bike for Leon he will be 7 in June and is growing at a super quick rate, he got his bike out of the shed yesterday and he's far too big for it. Lastly I would get this drum kit for 4 year old Toby, he loves all things music and dance and his current drum kit consists of 2 recorders used as sticks a cardboard box and an old metal chocolate box! ( Although if I did actually buy this I'm not sure a would ever forgive myself).

I choose this for myself I am trying my hardest to win one of these this year. I love making cakes and this would make things quicker and easier.

Finally I would get this dining table. Ours is tired and worn, much smaller and not as sturdy. The back on 2 of our chairs are broke. And we would have a spare chair if we had visitors, or if we had another child :D

Let me know if you enter and I will have a look at your board.
I have entered PIN FOR POINTS from

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