Monday, 31 March 2014

Hillarys Country Crafts competition

Hillarys blinds have challenged bloggers to a country craft competition and provided us with a meter of one of their new country retreat fabrics. I chose the Calluna print, I loved the bright colours and thought it would work well with my decor.

I'm in need of some new storage boxes so I knew straight away what I was going to make... a box for my daughters room to put some of her ever growing collection of cuddly toys!

I started by getting everything together that I needed. The calluna fabric and I had some old satin from my bridesmaid dress from when I got married. I used it the wrong way though so the shiny side wasn't showing but the dull side, it just matched the fabric better that way. I also needed some cardboard boxes.

Firstly I cut out the outside of the box by making two squares (28cmx28cm) for the end pieces and 3 rectangles (28cmx32cm) for the sides and base. Then you have to sew them all facing together. If you are sewing on a 'normal' machine then leave a 1cm seam allowance.

I popped round to my Mum's and used her overlocker!! Once all the side are sewn together you will have your box shape. Like below. 

Do exactly the same with the lining your using and turn them the right way. Cut and sew the lining the same size as the outer box. 

Next you need to make your box. I used cereal boxes which I found out later are a little bit too flimsy. You would be better with a postage box, something a bit sturdier. Don't forget you don't have to make a box, if you already have a box, work with the one you have it will be easier!
I made my box smaller than the fabric. The two sides were 20x20 and the end pieces and base were 20cmx30cm. Then i used sellotape to hold them all together.

The next part was the trickiest. First put the box in the outer fabric, make sure all the corners are pushed down. Then once that is in place put the lining inside the box, it will seem baggy and the fabric will come a lot higher than the box but don't worry about this.

Next you need to sew the fabric together at the top, look at the picture below! I did this on the machine but you can hand sew if you prefer.

Once the fabric is sewn together you can fold it over slightly to cover the stitch then fold again as far down as you can so you can see the lining. You can tack the corners in place if you need to, if your fabric is thicker or tight around the box you probably won't need to. Then fill with your treasures.

It really is simple to make and once you have made one you will want to make more. You could add handles next time or use the same fabric for the outer and inner. I think this box would look great if you matched it with you curtain fabric. 

 Millie has since filled it with her shoes...

Why don't you have a go and make sure you send me your pictures if you do!

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