Thursday, 20 March 2014

Schwartz Flavour shots review

I have recently been trying out some of the new range from Schwartz. These are great for me as I sometimes struggle to come up with different meals for my family. (I can bake anything but cooking I just don't have the same inspiration).

Flavour Shots are a blend of spices, herbs and seasonings infused in sunflower oil for amazing tasting meals in a shot,  all of which are so simple to prepare - just Spoon, Sizzle and Serve!  They are super, super easy to use, not only that they have the ingredients that you will need on the outside of the packet- handy when your out shopping. The inside of the card tells you how to cook up your meal. Plus different variations if you prefer.

First we tried the Spainsh paella, I've never had this before but I really liked the look and sound of it. It when down a storm with the whole family, two of which are fussy eaters. The flavour was delicious and I was so impressed of how smoothly it all went! The only downside is that the portion sizes are really generous so I had to do it in 2 seperate frying pans. Of course this might be because my frying pans aren't as big as everyone elses :) On the up side I had it for lunch the day after. I have already re-stocked my cupboard with this flavour shot!

Spanish Paella

Tonight we had the Spicy Jalapino curry, I wasn't sure how this was going to go down, my children do like spicy foods, but this was hot! I cooked it with rice and they really enjoyed it admitidly the two fussy ones didn't finish the whole meal but i think the spice was just getting a bit much.

Schwartz have also introduced 3 new perfect shakes:
Perfect Shake Pasta – a delicious blend of tomato, oregano and basil. Ideal in tomato based pasta sauces and Bolognese for adding Italian flair.

Perfect Shake Spanish – a tasty seasoning blend of smoked paprika and red/green bell peppers. Perfect used in a tomato sauce over patatas bravas or sprinkle into a omelette.

Perfect Shake Chips – a sweet and spicy blend of paprika, onion and garlic. Great for adding a delicious twist to classic chips or potato wedges.

There have really 'spiced' up our meals, they are fab for added extra taste. It's so simple, I don't think I will ever have bland chips again!

I would really recommend these products to people that have a busy lifestyle and want a homemade meal but haven't got time to completely prepare it all yourself. For me they have been great to encourage me to try new meals and gain confidence with cooking. They can be bought at Sainsburys and Tescos and I'm sure they will be bringing more meals out soon. They have got to! My children even get excited about what tasty meal we are having next!

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