Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Favourite TV moment

The TV in our house is where we all sit down and relax, I'm not afraid to say one of my favourite things to do at the end of the day is to chill out on the sofa and watch TV, weather its trash, a documentary or a reality TV show I don't really care, the kids are in bed and its time for me to wind down :) In fact we all like TV in our house my husband likes the sports channels and the children like cbeebies and cbbc. And no one EVER turns down the chance to watch a Disney movie (OK maybe my husband does).

I try not to let the children watch hours and hours of TV although I do think alot more of the programmes are educational now, I still prefer them to play. Once they have done their homework after school they do get chance to watch it whilst I'm making tea. Luckily because there isn't much age difference in them all they like similar TV shows and Millie is just happy she gets to hang out with her brothers so she will watch anything :)

We do make a big deal about watching TV in the evenings at the weekend, we often have 'cinema nights' where we watch a film, usually a Disney one, and we have popcorn and hot chocolates. I love Disney films and I can't imagine ever getting bored of them. Ha! Luckily the children are the same. I remember as a child my sister and I used to sneak downstairs early in the mornings and put our favourite Disney VIDEO on before our parents used to get up.

Although I have many favourite TV moments with my family I think my very favourite has to be this week. Not because it was a happy one or particularly enjoyable but because I realised how much my children could learn and how much I could learn about my children. 

On Friday night we sat down as a family to watch Sport Relief. We were all excited to watch a fun packed, exciting, funny show. We snuggled on the sofa under the throws and everybody was sat in place to watch. Millie fell asleep quite and soon and the boys sat lovely and felt grown up been able to stay up late, they had been looking forward to watching it all week after talking about it and fund raising for it at school.

The clash of the titans, David Beckham and the only fools and horses, Gary Barlow's The greatest day, Littlemix and the fun clips of people doing daft things to raise money. Then there were the clips that the show was all about. The poor children suffering... dying. I didn't think about these clips before we started to watch... I didn't think about the effect they would have.

After a few clips the boys started to ask questions about why and how these children were suffering. They wanted to know where they got their birthday cakes for their birthdays if there wasn't any shops? If they didn't have any money how can they receive presents? How can they drink from a river... that animals wee in? Why do they have to go to work, why don't they go to school? Why are the walking all over a rubbish tip? Where are their shoes? How can they live without a Mum and Dad? If the babies are hungry why can't they just give them some milk? The questions went on and on. It reminded me how lucky we are, sat under our throws snacking on popcorn just taking it for granted whilst watching people - children- starve.

They started to chat over the programme and Toby who is five burst into tears, the starving babies that were dying got to him, he didn't like how thin the were, how sad they were and it devastated him when they died, it devastated him when a child the same age as him died because they were ill. He wanted to know if I could make nets on my sewing machine so we could send them to the children. He told us all 'When I'm older I'm going to save my money up and fly to Africa and take lots and lots of food and feed all the children and give them pens so they can learn to write their name. And I'm going to take lots nets so they don't get stung anymore.'

Leon and Toby learnt whilst watching this how incredibly lucky they were to be able to eat and have cake, to have clothes that fit them and that were clean. To live in a house made from bricks, and heating when its cold, they realised that we are lucky that we have doctors and hospitals just down the road that we can drive to in our car. Also that they have a choice of toys, bikes and scooters. They decided between themselves that they wanted to help in some way, they wanted to do their bit and raise some money.

They taught me that they had empathy and had feelings way beyond what I thought they did. They can sympathise with others and realise how privileged they are. They taught my that no matter how much I question myself I am a good Mum I have installed these values into them. It reminded me of how proud of them I am and I truly believe they will come up with something to help these poor children that they watch in disbelief.

It taught us a lot as a family and that's why it is my favourite TV moment...

TalkTalk have developed a quiz so you can see just what type of viewer you are. I came out as 'The Compliant'.

 I guess this could be true as I don't mind what I watch as long as its good viewing, but get between me and Big brother, Britain's got talent and I'm a celebrity get me out of here - there will be trouble :)

Why don't you take the quiz and let me  know what you are?

This is my entry to Tots100 share your moments competition

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