Thursday, 8 May 2014

Bank holiday fun with Morrisons

I love bank holiday as i'm sure most people do. Its great having an extra day at the weekend and a shorter working week. This bank holiday we had a few things planned. We started Saturday by taking a trip to Morrisons, I had been invited to take part in the #MorrisonsMum challenge with Brit Mums. 

Morrisions have permanently slashed prices of over 1200 products. I have shopped at Morrison's before but admittedly the nearest big morrisions is about half an hour drive so we don't tend to do a big shop there. We took my sister along with us and we were all impressed with the shop layout and prices. I can't tell you how much I loved going into a shop where it wasn't crowded, busy and noisy. I could happily wander through the wide aisles without someone bashing their trolley into me or huffing because they want to be in the same place as me! It really was a pleasant experience walking around.

We started our weekend by going to my sisters, her husband is the pizza maker in our family and the kids love to join in and 'help' their uncle! We provided the food and he made it! We had four huge pizzas between us all, ham and mushroom, ham and pepperoni, ham and pineapple and pepper, ham and mushroom. 

 The pizza got snapped up before i got a chance to take a picture!
 The pizza were so huge they wouldn't even fit on the already huge pizza plates!

I don't drink very often but these breezer spritzers caught my eye, they were on offer for £3.75 for four. It was so nice to have a cold refreshing drink in the sunshine, it really tricked me into thinking summer was on the way!

We knew we were heading to the beach on Sunday so when we came across some kites for £2 we picked one up. At first I said they couldn't have one claiming they were a waste of money and you can never get kites up. Dave was horrified at the fact I've never been able to fly a kite and insisted that we got one. He loves to prove me wrong haha! Moving away from the food for a minute Morrisons do have a really nice range of outdoor products including furniture, games, toys and food ware. 
The kite provided literally hours of fun and for £2 you really can't grumble at that.

On Monday we had arranged a BBQ at ours. My sister and her husband joined us, although the weather wasn't completely dry we still had lots of fun and food. In fact they walked in telling us they had been to look at a different Morrisons store after we were raving about it the day before. They have just bought a house and got their glassware from Morrisons and other bits and bobs.

Saturday the 4th May is also known as Sat Wars day and as we have huge Sat Wars fans in our house I made some cupcakes (yes a day late, I've not heard the end of it!). Chocolate chip cupckaes, made with ingredients and the icing packs found at Morrisons when down a storm.
 The green ones are yoda and not a green pig.FYI.

The bakery smelled delicious and was also surprisingly good value, you almost expect to pay more when its baked in store but the Morrisons baps were 72p buy one get one free! So all the baps we needed cost us less than £1.50!

Melon, strawberries and crisps are must have picky foods at our BBQs. In fact strawberries are the most popular fruit in our house but I have been unimpressed with the softness of them just lately, but there were perfect. They didn't last very long! The melons were 2 for £3 which to be fair is a standard price and the huge bag a cheesy bites were £1

The quality and the taste of the sausages were gorgeous. ( I know I have far to much ketchup, but I love it and I can still taste the flavour...promise). The sausages were 2 packs for £5. We had leek and pork and caramelised onion ones, they really were delicious, in fact I had the rest for my tea last night! Yum!

 I love this huge bag of potatoes for just £3.49. They are unwashed but they taste delicious, I've never seen supermarkets offering a big bag like this before and I think its a great idea especially when you have a big family quite often you go through a lot of potatoes.

I''m really impressed with Morrisions we spent £82 and managed to get all the extra food for the bank holiday as well as the weeks shopping. We took advantage of quite alot of the offers and bought far too many ice creams (it was bank holiday surely your aloud ice-cream two days on the trot?!)

I will be definitely heading back there soon and i will be more inclined to use our Morrisons local shop. It was pleasant and the staff were all friendly and helpful. I only wished I had tried the cafe out as well, oh and bought more pain au chocolates for Monday morning :)