Friday, 27 September 2013

A Very good deal

Now I love a good deal I really do. I often get sucked in. I had a letter from Very offering me £15 my first £25 spend. I browsed the website as Leon needed some new wellies. Then I searched discount codes and found a £30 off when you spend £60 code! 50% off is a great deal. You do have to open a credit account, but I paid it straight away as I didn't really want a credit account.

I bought these hunter wellies in green (which they don't seem to have anymore). I bought a pair each for the boys which would have been £70 but with the £30 off they were only £20 a pair! Second hand Hunters on ebay sell for more than that!

I also opted for free delivery with collect plus! Very are definitely in my good books at the moment I think its a great deal. If you haven't already got an account with very you should check them out because they have a 60% off sale at the moment, just imagine the bargains :)

Whats the last bargain you got and have you got any codes as good as this one?

*BTW this isn't a sponsored post I just think its a blimmin' good deal!

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