Thursday, 26 September 2013

How much time do you spend online?

Have you ever thought about how much time in minutes or hours a day you spend on the Internet? How much does this add up over a week, month or even lifetime. I know I'm spending more and more time online for one thing or another. Even my children are spending more time online. I went to a reading meeting at school this afternoon and they have introduced a new scheme where they would like the children to start reading books and doing homework online!!

This survey charting the nation's online habits is rather interesting and completely surprising in some bits. For example did you know its more likely that we have been stalked online than not. And look what crime 37% of people in the North East are admitting to!

I think I probably spend far too much time online especially on facebook. I can also 'check' my facebook on the go, I have notifications that go straight to my phone so I know immediately if anyone has tagged me or commented on any of my photos or status. I also look through posts at night when the children are in bed. I like companies and local business' pages and often find out about sales and discount codes this way. I also use Facebook to promote my beauty business, its free and a great way to promote offers etc to a lot of people at the same time. 

I love online shopping because I really think you will get a better discount or bargain for toys and household goods. I always search google first if I am looking for a particular item for the cheapest, then I google discount codes for the that website. More often than not there will be a discount code even if it is just free delivery. I wasn't surprised to learn from the survey that most people don't bother with reviews as I don't either - I don't tend to read them or leave them.

I obviously share alot of personal information on this blog about my family and life. You will also find me on Twitter and Pinterest sharing away! At the moment I keep facebook for my 'real' friends - but who knows in the future! I really don't know how we lived without social media back in the day!

How much time do you spend online and are you addicted to social media?

*This is a PR related publication – all thoughts however, are my own.


  1. I spend way too much time online....Candy Crush & Shopping is to blame...hehehe

    1. Haha I've heard lots about candy crush, I don't even dare to look at it, I don't want to get hooked!