Friday, 13 September 2013

Be money wise

Dear Leon, my little money mad entrepreneur,

You may only be 7 but you think and talk about money like its the only thing worth living for. Ever since you started potty training you have loved money. I used to give you 10p when you did a wee on your potty because that's what worked! Last year your teacher said she couldn't understand why your couldn't add 17+3 together but you had no problem with 17p+3p. You are a great saver and your an even better negotiator and I always end up parting with my money before you part with yours.

Whilst money is always going to be a huge part of your life its not going to be the most important. This is something I want you to remember, love and happiness is what you need most. I know you will tell me you also need a Ferrari, you have done for the past 4 years, but when you get the car of your dreams I assure you, you won't get as much pleasure from it as you will your friends and family.

Now... about getting that car you want. You need to make some serious money and to achieve this you need to start by listening to other people's advice, your way my not always but the best way. Listen to other peoples ideas and thoughts. And take your time with big decisions. 

You need to save, which your already very good at, but your girlfriend or wife might not appreciate this when she's always paying for your dates. So I think as you get older you should put a set amount away each month or week. Don't forget to treat yourself for all your hard work with small things while your still saving.

And finally be sensible don't waste it on boozy nights and the latest gadgets. You only said today you would like to have two holiday next year, and so do me and daddy, but we need to spend wisely and save hard for one holiday. If you want two your going to have to be VERY savvy...

Lots of love,

P.S. STOP wobbling those teeth at every opportunity, the tooth fairy will only come when the teeth are ready to be taken.

This is my entry to think money competition. Entries need to be in by 15th September and prizes are 3 £250 shopping vouchers. Good Luck if you decide to enter!

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