Thursday, 12 September 2013

Toby's first weeks at school

I haven't blogged about Toby starting school until now mainly because I've been mega busy but also because i can't quite believe that he's actually started school. 

He's wanted to start school basically ever since he started pre-school. I think having an older brother already at school really helped, the transition from pre-school to school has been much easier with Toby than it ever was with Leon. 

He's never had any worries about starting school and has always looked forward to it. He tried his uniform on numerous times before the 1st day. Here's a picture of him on his first day.

Excited and pulling funny faces

They have decided to break the children gently into going to school and they do 3 weeks of half days. I personally think its too long. This week he has been in for the afternoon doing 1pm-3.15pm which is less time than they did at pre-school. I think its abit silly really but I guess its to help the teachers do their assessments aswell.

Today I picked him up from school and his teacher handed me a blackberrry phone and asked if it was mine. When I turned it over it had a picture of my husband on! It was my old phone Toby had decided to sneak into school! We had a letter yesterday to say under no circumstances mobile phones are aloud into school.... I didn't mention it to Toby as I didn't think it applied!

I was so embarrassed but he just laughs about it and finds it quite funny! Has your little one settled back into school nicely?

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