Sunday, 15 September 2013

Look what i did today

Today I ran a 10km. This is something I have been 'training' (I word I use loosely) for, for about 8 weeks. My sister came up with the idea a while ago, coincidentally she didn't run it in the end. I ran it with my husband and some girls from work

As a teenager I ran quite seriously and represented my county numerous times a year. However I haven't ran in a race for about 9 years and needed the challenge. 

I have tried to get out and run at least 3 times a week although towards the end the novelty of training wore off a bit and I only ended up doing 2 runs a week. I have found that running definitely doesn't come naturally to my body in my old age of 25 years! I've found it so much more difficult than used to but I'm using the excuse of having a busy lifestyle with 3 children and not the fact that I am probably 2 stone over weight :)

Although I didn't prepare as best as I could I felt ready for the run this morning. It was cold and slightly windy but dry. The course was a good varied surface and lots of nice scenery. We ran along roads, across fields, through woodland, along the canal, over iron railway bridges and through boggy mud. I'm not entirely sure what time I completed the course but I think it was about 1 hour 6mins, hopefully the times will be on the website soon.

Running along hearing my children cheer me on was so nice. I didn't realise how much it would take out of me though. I've been fit for nothing all evening and my legs are aching like mad. I've heated a hot water bottle and have in on my legs trying to ease the muscle pain! 

For some silly reason I can't wait for the next one. It must be the sense of achievement! Here's a picture of me finishing at the end. I'm all in black with the long red pony tail!

Have you done any running recently?

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