Friday, 7 February 2014

Valentines Gifts in Unusual Places

This is my last minute entry into Sports direct valentines competition to win 5 items of your choice for your other half.

Who would have thought of SPORTS direct for Valentines gifts? Not me, but after browsing the website I have found lots of things that would be suitable. I have bought from them before but I never realised they did more than just sports clothes and equipment.

Valentines day is a perfect day to be soppy and make time for each other. This year it lands on a Friday which is great as Dave finishes just after lunch. I have the day planned out for him already :) As soon as he comes home we are going to go for a run together, this is something we both like doing, we run through the countryside and chat about our day, its perfect together time until we need to pick the children up. 

So here's what I would buy him:

His excuse for not running is that's its too cold, so with a brand new karrimor running jacket he will have no excuse and it will go to show how much I care about his 'coldness'.

Once the children are in bed our Valentines night will begin, its a Valentines night in for us so I plan to make him a play list on his mp3 player of all the songs that remind me of him and our time together. So the skull candy 50 50 earphones would be perfect for him to listen to the songs properly whilst I get some dinner ready.

Next are the candles (who new you could buy these at sports direct and such a reasonable price too!), they will really set the mood for the night. We both like lighting candles at night and I just thought these were a bit different to what we normally have.

Who said you can't give men underwear? Hey? Whats wrong with these sexy Calvin Kleins? I wouldn't really care at what point in the evening he wore these, he can wear them to the dinner table for all I care ;) HOT! 

Lastly I would give him the soulcal signature decal hoodie, mainly because I really like him in light grey but also because he's always complaining he is cold. This would be a comfortable outer layer that he can wear around the house but also when he is nipping to and from places.

All of my items are from sports direct and I think my husband would be happy and surprised if I gave him all this on Valentines day. I think I would defo have some brownie points for putting so much thought into it!

Have you planned your Valentines day out?


  1. Lovely thoughtful gifts :-) I didn't plan it out. Been a bit rubbish this year and had a night in with a takeaway!

    1. Well it didn't exactly go to plan because of the awful weather!