Thursday, 19 April 2012

Just one moment in time.....

Recently I haven't been winning as much as I was last year.  Mainly because my life seems to be very bust at the moment and i don't have as much time! So I have discovered a new way a winning lots of little things just for a 'quick fix'! Yes... it seems I am well and truly addicted to winning and I get some what irritable when i haven't won for a while :)

So I have been setting my alarm for 5AM (!!!) switching the computer on and entering the 'winning moments' competitions. I'm totally addicted to rowntrees randoms and have won far too many packets!! But I have 6 entries so far to the grand prize draw.
Also I while ago nestle had the promotional packs of cereal where they were giving away 1000's of prizes. These don't seem to be in the shops anymore for some reason and I had quite a few codes saved from that. I entered two each morning and Have won every time! When the promotion first started I had entered late at night and only won the free gym or swim pass that everyone won! SO I have managed to bag, 2 footballs, a cricket set, a book, an exercise mat and ball, 2 pedometers and a pamper voucher!
I have entered sooooo many McDonald's vouchers into their cash competition but not had any luck. I have a feeling with this winning moment competition you have to hit the exact moment. So I don't think I buy McDonald's just for the competition.

I have had old actimel codes and won a £5 car wash which I swapped for a £5 cheque, packs of mints on the trebor competition. It seems like you really can win lots of things in the winning moments competition, they might only be little but they certainly fed my addiction while not winning bigger things. It only takes about 20 mins once I have entered all my codes and i turn the computer off and go back to sleep!!!!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Money Saving: Why buy things when you can win them?

I am trying to win a £500 investment with brit mums and virgin money.

We are huge money saving fans in our house, from using coupons, to haggling down the price of something, car boot sales and high street sales. But my favourite money saving tip is; if you want something why not try to win it first?

I have been 'comping' seriously for about 16 months now and I have won over £3500 worth of things, its not alot compared to some compers but its great for me!

Recently I have won a years supply of tea bags, which turned out to be thirty boxes, as I only drink 2 or 3 cups a day these will last me way over 2 years, saving me approximately £70. Another great prize I won was a years supply of persil and we all know how expensive washing powder is.

I have won lots of gadgets that I wouldn't use that have come in hampers or prize packages and I have sold them on ebay, I save the money and put it towards our holiday fund.

I have won weekend in London with £200 selfridges vouchers, new kettle and toaster, food vouchers, toys for the children (which I save for birthdays sometimes), dvds (I NEVER buy dvd's, my Dad takes the mickey out of me for this, because when I see one that I would like I always try and win it first and most of the time I do!! We have a great dvd collection), sweets, shampoo and conditioner and plenty more.

I always try and win the things I would use and everyday items such as toothpaste, small food items, we won a massive soup hamper around Christmas time, its great when you win food because the shopping bill really comes down.

I try to enter creative competitions just because it doesn't mean spending hours a day at the computer like a lot of compers do. I can get the children involved, my eldest who is 5 loves doing colouring competitions and he has won a couple, its fun going to special places and doing a little photo shoot! I did my first video competition this year that involved the boys, here it is :
Comping is a fabulous way to save money, not only that its great fun too. So.... why buy it, when you can win it?