Monday, 27 February 2012

My first EVER video and competition!

This is the first video I have ever taken and edited. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. It took about an hour and a half shoot and another hour and half to edit. It's for the kelkoo's culinary kids competition which ends today.

So what do you think for my first attempt? I have to say I am quite pleased with it and can't wait to do more!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

pancake fun!

We had lots of fun making pancakes yesterday.I'm not the mst creative person so I asked the boys for their ideas and they came up with a pirate pancake! So here's what we came up with:
The boys decided they didn't actually like pancakes. However I love them so they ate the sweets and I ate the pancakes!!! The bandana was ade with jam and the teeth dolly mixtures, I think the rest is obvious!!
I noticed a few competitions that wanted pictures of you actually tossing the pancake, I had a few practise goes and the boys 'bet' I couldn't do it with a mask on. We all got so involved and excited I forgot to take pictures without the mask!!! So here it is:

This picture won me some goodies from Arm and Hammers facebook page. We are decorating by the way - hence the mess!!!!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Compers News it worth it?

I decided to subscribe to Compers News back in November and I received my first issue in December. They were running a special offer £9.99 for 3 issues, I thought about it for a long time and read what people thought of the magazine. Most people were saying it was great and they won a lot of prizes through it. I thought for £9.99 its worth a go.

I received my first issue, I can not tell you how excited I was! I sat down with a cuppa when the children were in bed, at first I was slightly disappointed as I had seen most of the online competitions already. They have different sections in the magazine for each type of competition. The postal comps had quite alot that I hadn't seen and I entered a few.

What I do like about the magazine is that they have alot of competitions for subscribers only, puzzles in the magazine, stamp giveaways and other prizes. I have entered as many as these as I can. Also they have winners stories, and hints and tips of how to win competitions.

I think I was under the impression that if I subscribe to this magazine I would automatically win lots of competitions and I haven't, in fact I haven't won anything that Compers News have told me about! But after sitting down and reading that first, second and third issue that I have now received, I love it. I think it is so nice to sit down and have a good old fashioned read about competitions, before this all my comping was done online. I love reading the monthly letters, and the winners stories are great inspirations.

The last issue I received was the February issue, I worked my way through the magazine and ticked off every competition I had entered and crossed out the ones I didn't want to enter. I don't think anything is as easy as that online!! I can see in front of me what I have and haven't done. I just need to do the subscribers puzzles and send them off now! I have entered loads of postal comps that I would never have known about otherwise.

The magazine also has its own online forum that you can only access as a member, I have to confess I haven't really been on this much. i find the comps in the magazine, the creative ones from Superluckys blog and any facebook competitions I see is enough!

So I think if you are thinking about subscribing its worth it, just for the times you don't feel like going online. Or if you want to enter more postal comps, you can take the magazine with you, I write out all my postcards at work when I have a quiet period. If you want some inspiration, its great to read others stories, hints and tips. Plus you have all the different types of competitions in one place.

BEWARE- you may find yourself buying unnecessary things, for example, way to many apples because you want to win a pink car, or far too much chocolate to win one of a million moments, 5 boxes of cereal that your hoping the children will like because they are giving away thousands of prizes... but that's all part of the fun isn't it?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Messy monsters

Here is my entry to the Appliances Online messiest kid competition at Mother’s Always Right.
My 2 boys are the messiest out of the 3 children.
 This is Leon when he was about 18 months old. He has always been the independent type and never liked any help, he was quite sure he could do everything himself!
This is a recent picture of Toby after painting! He wanted to paint his face after I said he looked like a smurf!
Messy, messy, messy!

Friday, 3 February 2012

If it wasn't for comping...

I have been slightly disappointed with my wins this month, so i thought I would do this post to remind me of some of the things I have done, thanks to comping. I love these kind of posts when I read them on other people's blogs! So, if it wasn't for comping...

  • I wouldn't have been able to go to London and spend £200 in selfridges (I am now a proud owner of a pair of Prada sunglasses!)
  • I would NEVER have made a cheese bracelet

  • I won't run out of washing detergent for a least a year
  • I would never have taken a tolberone all the way to France
  • I would never have put this outfit together:

  • I would never have blogged in the nectar competition, which also lead to be in the local and national newspaper!
  • I would never have started this blog
  • I would never have taken so many pictures and had so many daft memories!