Monday, 25 February 2013

Comic Relief 2013 cupcakes with Jackpotjoy

When I got an email to say Jackpotjoy were running a cake competition, obviously I had to enter. They had so many generous prizes on offer a new the chances of winning a prize were pretty high. I didn't have time to make them until the day it closed, so I new I wouldn't be able to put my full efforts in, but with 150 x£50 runners up prizes I knew I was in with a chance. 

So the cupcakes had  to be comic relief themed and fun! Here's what I came up with:

Comic relief 2013 cakes

Although when I submitted the picture I had to miss the bottom 3 cupcakes out :(

BUT... I won £500.

This was an amazing promotion with the overall winner bagging £1000, 5 runners-up with £500 and 150 further runners up winning £50. Jackpotjoy donated £1 for each entry to comic relief and after looking on facebook at the other entries I don't think all prizes were won as there wasn't enough entries. Also a few people are complaining that the winners weren't comic relief themed or they were googled images. The competition was only open for a week and I only got an email about it about 2 days before it ended. I'm sure if they had it open for longer they would have got a lot more entries. Jackpotjoy are doing loads to raise money for comic relief and up to now have raised over £50,000, which is pretty amazing

Thanks Jackpotjoy!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Banana cupcakes

I made these banana muffins the other day mainly because with Millie having chickenpox she wasn't eating very well and she is a huge fan of bananas.  Also because we had black bananas left in the fruit bowl and I hate wasting food.  We waste far too much in our house and I've made a conscious effort to waste less over the past few months.  These are great because they stay moist for days here's the reciepe:

125g stork
150g light brown sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
4 ripe bananas
250g self raising flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder

Pre -heat the oven to 180C
1. whisk the stork and sugar together until pale and fluffy.
2. Beat the eggs and vanilla essence in a separate bowl then slowly add to the sugar mixture.
3. mash the bananas in a bowl then stir into the mixture.
4. sift in the flour and baking powder and mix in well.
5.spoon the mixture into the cases and bake for. 20-25 minutes

You can frost them if you want to but I didn't this time. This recipe does make 12 but we had already eaten some before I took a picture!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Chicken Pox

I've never had chicken pox. Most people seem to gasp in horror when I tell them. I was tested when I was pregnant and it seems I am immune  to them.

Millie however mustn't be, yesterday afternoon I noticed a few spots on her tummy and one on her hand. After doing 'the glass test' I thought it could be chicken pox. Now I think about it she has been grumpy for about a week but nothing I could put my finger on. I thought she had just turned into a stroppy 2 year old.

This morning she woke up with rather a lot of spots on her tummy neck and back and a few odd ones on her arms and legs. She also has a huge one on the back of her head. She doesn't seem to be fussed by them at all and up to now they don't seem to be itching her. She has gone to bed with quite alot more and they have increased in size.

After reading about them online it seems she is still contagious and will be until the spots have crusted over which will take about 6 days. Neither of my boys have had them either and I'm hoping they will be immune to it like me. Otherwise we are going to have a really grumpy half term!

As I say she doesn't seem to be itching just yet, but I will stock up on camoline lotions just incase. Has anyone else got any tips on how to cope with chicken pox so I can be prepared?  

I didn't want to take pictures of her while she was grumpy and not in the mood, so here's one while shes her usual happy self!
Taken about 2 weeks ago

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pancake day :)

I love pancakes, sweet ones of course. But, I struggle with them I think I am probably the Worlds worst pancake maker!! Last year I had my first proper go at making them from scratch and I can remember ruining all the mixture after tea and running to the co-op for ready made ones so I didn't disappoint the kids. Nightmare!!

This year I thought I would get the powder where you just add water. We decided to have pancakes last night as I was working this evening. I still can't do it!! They either get stuck to the pan, I burn them or they don't cook properly in the middle. I went through 1 whole bottle before I got one right. I finally managed to make the kids one each. I also forgot to take a picture.

Anyway when the kids got in bed I decided to have another go, surely it can't be that hard, maybe I'm just not patient enough?? So I really took my time and made this gromit pancake. Although it wasn't really edible because I only cooked one side I thought it might look alright to enter into some competititons.

I woke up this morning to an ill 4 year old. He hasn't been to nursery today and been on the sofa most of the day so I thought I should try and make some pink pancake with Millie. I saw these and thought I would make my version. 

While I was concentrating on perfecting pink pancakes Millie decided to experiment with blue food colouring while stood on the chair next to me. I heard giggles looked to the side and she had somehow managed to get blue food colouring all over the BACK of her jumper, her face, hands AND in her hair!! Jumper ruined, hands stained oh and she has 2 blue streaks in her hair!! I have tried to get them out. It looks like I have decided to colour my 2 year olds hair, working in a hairdressers it doesn't look particularly good!

Blue hair?? 
This was taken after I quickly whipped her jumper off her, washed her face and hands!

After complaining to my Mum how rubbish I am at making pancakes she thought this might be nice for me the see in my emails after i've come in from work.
Thanks Mum. 

Monday, 11 February 2013

My John Greed Valentines wish list

When I came across the john Greed competition for bloggers I had to enter. I love jewellery- browsing and wearing. John Greed is an amazing website and its actually took me days to decide on these items I would love to receive for Valentines.  This Valentine is going to be a special  one for us as its our first as husband and wife although we have been together for 8 years! 

I have two full charm bracelets that I first received for my 21st birthday and since then I have collected charms for all different occasions. I don't think I have ever received one for Valentines day though. Charms are so special and personal, I remember who bought everyone of mine. I have about 50 different charms. This NEW pandora silver charm would be perfect to start a new charm bracelet. At £50 its quite pricey for one charm but i would keep it forever so if you think of cost per year it would be well worth it!

These beautiful pilgrim classic silver plated crystal heart stud earrings remind me of the ones I wore to my wedding, they would be perfect for everyday wear and would constantly remind me of my special day. And at only £8.99 they are an absolute steal!

(Sorry this is the closest close up of them!)

This  hot diamonds silver necklace would be next on my wish list, I don't really wear necklaces, I got out of the habit when I had my children as they used to pull on them. But now the youngest is two this would be great. Its plain, simple and pretty. Its £49.95 which I think is a great price for such a pretty thing and of course something you would keep forever.

I would chose this DKNY watch,I love watches but I am a rubbish time keeper which my husband always complains about, so if he bought me this I would have  no excuse. I would love to receive this watch its classy and would go with anything.  I love a bit of bling  and the embellished clear crystal stones are just enough. Its in the sale at the moment for £80.

I would also chose these Pandora Silver & Rhodolite heart stud earrings priced at £45.00. As this would be our first Valentines as husband and wife I think these would be quite fitting. I just think they are so pretty and I like the detail around the stone. The stone is also my favourite colour and matches the stone in my engagement ring.

So there you have it my Valentines wish list all priced under £250. If you want to enter the competition to win your wish list head over to John Greed jewellery to find out how.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Miss guided Valentines date wishlist

I am completely in love with Missguided at the moment, I've been browsing the website for far too long this week and seem as I'm not buying clothes at the moment I didn't think it would do any harm in creating a valentines date wish list! 

So if my husband was to take me out on Valentines Day this is what I would be wearing:

I think most people would chose red but I really don't suit or feel comfortable in red so I would go for this plum dress. I like that its got long sleeves, I feel the cold so they will do nicely. And to cover up my legs I would wear these tights, definately got a love theme going on:

As for shoes I freakin' love these, geez they are beautiful. I want them! Would they even match? I don't care I'm sure they would.

I never really take much out with me on a night out so this clutch would be perfect.

Paired with a few bangles my look would be complete!

So what do you think? I really feel like its got a rock chic theme going on and I love it and for just over £100 I think I would look pretty cool!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

weigh in 3rd Feb

After doing the get fit feel epic competition post I've really tired to lose weight, I'm not doing as well as I had hoped, and this week I thought I had better put a real effort in to get me going again. I thought I would start with a blog post so you all know where I'm up to!! That way I won't be able to slack!

Since January 1st I have lost 4lb, although I am now at my lightest I have been all year. So what am I going to do?? Well first of all exercise, I have a wii fit and its great for keeping on track, so I'm going to try and go on it at least 5 days out of 7.

Also I have given myself another challenge, I've had my eye on a coat for a while from Missguided I have £50 Christmas money left and my husband has agreed to 'save' it until I have lost a stone, yes A STONE!! So with 10lb left to go how long do you think before I will be wearing this?

I'm sohoping I will have lost the weight before its out of stock!!

I weigh 12.4st now ( I can't believe I just told you that!) and I would really like to weight about 10.2st. Roll on 11.8st and I can purchase this beautiful coat.