Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Look what i've won!

Mid July I was moaning  saying I hadn't won anything recently. Since then I have won 2 really cool prizes. First one came about 2 weeks ago just in time for the nice hot weather. It was a nerf gun super soaker and a book of boys things to do. Now this would have been great to put away for a Christmas present so I could tick something of my wishlist... but I couldn't help loading it up and soaking Dave when he came home from work. He got me back another day with it...

pretty cool eh?
Yesterday I received an email from a blog competition to say I have won a family pass to drayton Manor. How exciting is that. The boys are abit big for Thomas Land now but I've just checked the website out and there is plenty there for them to do. I'm actually rather excited myself! I just hope the tickets come during the summer holidays.

Have you had any wins lately?