Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A few little wins

I haven't posted for so long mainly because wins have been few and far between and because I have been working very hard starting a new business, all will be revealed soon and maybe a little competition of my own. Also my computer has been playing up :(
So my wins have been:
a baking tray from flora comp
advent calendar from anchor
a toothbrush!
a dribble bib
a vanilla pod
Lego from the sun competition on facebook
I have recently subscribed to Compers News magazine for a 3 month trial, I  will let you all know how I get on with it but from reading it I have already discovered avent comps. I have read quite abit about them and they seem quite busy and lots of them around, I really am going to try and enter as many as possible I think most of them are easy to enter comps but surely you most have a pretty good chance of winning right?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A surprise win

Today I received a rather large parcel from persil containing 6 bottles of their small and mighty washing liquid, which I am assuming is  years worth. I'm not actually sure where this win has come from and I only remember entering one competition to win this prize which was the mini miracles competition on the persil website where they were offering 50 runners up prizes, of a years supply. So if it is from this competition once again thank you to super-lucky for posting it!

Also today I have finally received my vouchers for our up and coming London trip I won with good homes magazine, how exciting I can't wait to be let loose around selfridges with £200!

Prizes for today £30

Friday, 16 September 2011

Lost mojo

I have really lost my comping mojo recently, although I have enjoyed reading about people's wins, but it hasn't seemed to have spured me on. I have now subscribed to compers news and looking forward to receiving my first copy, hopefully this will inspire me to try video comps as well, as there seems to be lots around at the moment.
In the past few weeks I have won a plum baby bundle, from a blog comp. The toberone weeky winner, I can not wait to receive that huge bar of choccy!!! A bbq, inflatable limbo and a coolbag from a cuprinol competition
However we didn't win nectar's savviest family, although it was fun, we put alot of time and effort into it, i think its part of the reason i've lost motivation to comp.
Here's my picture for the tolberone comp!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

wahooooo dry spell over

After what feels like a very long dry spell I have had a couple of wins first was an oreo lick pack which consists of a rucksack, a packet of oreos, a couple of pens, a keyring and lick race guides! Not worth anything but lots of fun!
Next a small win from a local magazine, personalised name tags, which will be great for when Toby starts pre school as everything will have to be named. Its great when you win prizes that you would actually buy, iut saves the pennies! :)
Next I am sooooooo excited about I have won a luxury trip to London for two with Kenwood. I bought a Good Homes magazine yesterday and was looking at competition winners from May and there was my name printed. I hadn't heard anything from them, so I gave them a call and they are going to call me back. Has anybody else found out they have won a prize this way, I would have thought they would phone me before the magazine was out?
Anyway i have won kenwood kettle and toaster, a colour makeover, cut and blow dry by celebrity colourist Karine Jackson, £200 worth of selfridges vouchers, dinner at Michelin- starred resaurant, where we will be treated to Marcus Wareing's Prestige menu at The Berkeley and finally a night stay in a 4 star London hotel with breakfast! How exciting is that!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Food vouchers

For the first tie I have won food vouchers, i won £30 giraffe vouchers, it a restaurant in the Trafford Centre. I'm sure it will taste much nicer as the food is free, I'm definitely looking forward to using them!
Still trying to win a sofa so if anyone spots a competition please let me know. Also please check out our latest blog on Nectar's savviest family competition. To help us win please leave a comment and recommend to your friends. Thankyou x

The Morton's savviest family blog

Prizes today £30
Prize total £2398

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Kreative Komps for Kids

Leon really enjoys doing competitions when one comes along for him to do, although he has only won one up to  now, he still keeps going. I think he forgets about the prize as he is enjoying what he is doing anyway. As well as it being a competition it really helps his imagination and gets hi to do some writing or drawing! Here's a few competitions for kids for all ages, Leon has a busy weekend ahead of him!

For children under 10 years, need to draw a picture of a new friend that Roary racing car can race with. There are 20 prizes of DVD's on offer and they need to be posted, so make sure you do the picture this weekend so its sure to get there in time. Here's the details Closing date is Friday 15th July

For children under 10 years, need to design a new pair of sunglasses, the first prize is a Mr Men goodie bag and there is 4 runners up prizes. Here's the details this also needs to be posted and the closing date is Wednesday 13th July.

Win a trip to New York!!! There are two age groups to enter: 5-8 years and 9-12 years. Imagine that you are writing a postcard to a friend or relative from the most amazing place you have been. Or invent a place. Be sure to tell us everything that is special about it and see how well you can conjure it up in a few well-chosen words. You don't have to restrict yourself to sending in your entry on a postcard but the maximum number of words we're after is 300 for the 5-8 age group and 500 for the 9-12s. Closing date 30/09/2011. Three runners up will also receive a set of Roald Dahl books.

Win a years supply of baking ingredients and goodies, upload a picture of something your little baker has created and we’ll put it towards a public vote. The top two in each age category will be invited to a grand bake-off. The winner will become the face of Baking Mad’s ‘Kids’ Baking’. more details here Closing date

Win a 4star holiday to Greece, this is a really fun competition and will really let their imagination run wild. They need to create a story using the tools on the website. Closing date is 1.09.11 Start the fun here.

Win a whole bundle of goodies and gadgets with absolute radio, this competition is for the over 10's and has 3 categories.Use Microsoft PowerPoint, OneNote or Word to show us your skills; you can add photos, edit video and use animations to bring your project to life! Closing date is 5pm on Friday 2nd September. more details.

Good luck if you enter any!
P.S. Please check out my nectar's savviest family blog, the new post is about our bathroom, please leave a comment letting us know what your savvy tips are and help us to win by hitting the reccommend button. Thank you x

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Things come in three's......

Today this is true I have won 3 prizes!! A years subscription to Glamour magazine from rosemount wines, £35 voucher for Carry Me Home boutique and a runners up prize in the Rust-oleum Competiton! This is lots of fun to enter and I actually made my entry with Leon, this is the second month running we have won something in this competition, here's my entry:

Has anybody else entered this? They give 11 prizes away each month so there is a good chance of winning. My next mission is to win a sofa, mine has given up after 5 years of abuse!
Prizes today £99
Prize total £2368

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Is anybody entering these competitions?

I really am beginning to wonder if anybody else is entering the competitions in my local newspaper, I definately not complaining at all. I have won a cupcake course for 2 people, this is so exciting I am going to take my sister along, we both love to make cupcakes, so hopefully we will pick lots of tips up! This is now the fourth time this year I have won with them, hope it sticks, I have my fingers crossed for winning those Monarch flights!
Prizes today £120
Prize total £2269

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Half way through the year

Well we are halfway through the year and as my 5 year old keeps reminding me we are halfway to Christmas! I am thrilled I have won over £2000 worth of prizes and it would be great to double that by the end of the year.
I had a surprise win this morning, a Hugo Boss bottled 50ml perfume, this is another win from my local paper, I don't think anyone else enters these competitions, this is my third win from them this year! I'm really hoping I win this weeks competitions, they are offering 4 pairs of return flights with Monarch and 4 lots of £100 M&S vouchers!!
Also had an email from dairylea I have won a book in thier competition!

Don't forget to check out my nectar blog for new posts here's the latest, please leave a comment letting me  know your money saving savvy tips.

Prizes today £24
Prize total £2149

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fab bundle of goodies

I've won another fab fathers day bundle of goodies, I wrote a poem to win this one. I seem to do well in competitions that ask 'why should you win this prize?'. And of course it makes enetring the competition a bit more fun. Here's what I won:

Snowball Blue USB Microphone £95
Flip Shoot and Share video camera £60
Logic3 i-Station bluetooth speaker system £60
Rolson Toolkit £93
Wharfedale Freeview box £70
Hornby Devon Flyer train set £45

Prizes today: £423
Camera from nectar competition £60
Prize total £2125

Also please check out my nectar blog, bringing you our family savviness, please help us win by recommeneding us on facebook and leaving us comments with your money saving tips

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Fabulous lucky week

I feel like I have had so much more luck this week, the hard to enter easy to win comps are really paying off. I tend to enter most competitions on facebook. I have started blogging for the nectar's savviest family and the final prize is amazing, I have only done two blog posts up to now but i'm finding it really fun! Check out my blog, and to help my chances of winning please leave a comment, tweet about it and facebook it!!!!

I have won £5.00 voucher for morrisons on their facebook page.

And £30.00 voucher from the Argento Contemporary Jewellery facebook page thanks to Super-Lucky for posting this on her blog

And the best prize of the week is one I won in our local paper worth £1000!!! It was a Fathers Day gift present although I can't give it to my Dad as i won't actually get it for 3 weeks. You had to summit an embrassing photo of your Dad, and then the top ten would go into the paper and there would be a public vote, however i got an email yesterday to say that the people of macclesfield mustn't be keen on competitions and as there wasn't much of a response, so my dad was chosen!!
The prize includes:
An overnight stay in a hotel for 2 with a 3 course meal and breakfast
£90 worh of books from apex
2 VIP tickets to super bikes
Macc town dad and lad season tickets (unfortunatly my dad has already paid for his)
A case of cava
Half price photography session
£100 get the label gift voucher

What a great prize? This is the second competition I have won with them this year, just for putting a little bit of effort in :)

Prizes today £1035
Prize Total £1642

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Anything you can do I can do it better

I have wanted a magazine rack for our living room and couldn't find one suitable or at a decent price, after looking round for ages I gave up, then I spotted one in a charity shop for £2.50. I bought it and decided i would paint it to match our decor, after reserching i found a competition on the rustoleum website so decided to go for that one so I could enter the competition aswell. Here are my before and after pictures:

 After Dave had seen this he set about winning the challenge, here's his pictures!!

After giving my number by accident when he entered (to busy being a smart arse!) I got the phone call yesterday to say that he had won the £250!! After asking the very nice lady on the phone if my magazine rack was chosen, she said no but said she would send 4 cans along with dave's money so I can have another go. I couldn't believe it, its the biggest win I have had (although it was technically dave who won it, but to bad he gave my number haha!)

This is a great competition to enter, they are running it every month until december 2012, giving £250 as first prize as well as 10 runners up of 6 cans each! Enter here

I also have some VERY exciting news, I have been chosen to be in the final eight nectars savviest family blogging competition! eeeek I'm very nervous and excited as I don't have any experience of blogging but I will give it my best shot!

I had an email today to say I have won a years membership to the woodlands trust with the ronseal competition, they are giving a membership away everyday so its worth entering.

Prizes today : £283.00
Prize total : £607.00

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Runners up email

I got a runners up email yesterday from baby expert, I have won a months supply of rice krispies and a bowl! I guess a months supply is just 1 box though! hehe
I also had a phone call from nectar I have been shortlisted to be in the final eight of the savvy family competition :0 eeeeeeeeek I hope I get chosen!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Fantastic couple of days

Firstly yesterday I won my first radio competition, from my local radio silk fm. I won a meat pack from a local butchers and I'm also in the draw to win a £500 BBQ, which looks amazing, the draw is on friday so fingers crossed I will win as I think there is only 5 people in the draw!
Today I have had a few prizes, firstly I won a goody bag from the VK facebook page, they have got another giveaway going so you should check the page out.
I have win £20 in a local advertising magazine and olay moisturiser from the glamour daliy giveaway, this just turned up in the post so it was a nice surprise.
As my prizes are taking quite a long time to arrive I haven't updated any of my totals so I will do this when they arrive!

Prizes today -meat pack £50
                   - vk goody bag £5
                   - £20.00
Prize total : £324

Friday, 20 May 2011

2 small wins and pilgrims cheese

Last week I had 2 small wins, one unexpectedly turned up in the post, which was kin mouthwash!!!!!! It is worth £4.50 and didn't remember entering this but it seems as though I sent a postacrd off to win this in march sometime!! Oh well I will defo use it, I suppose it saves me buying it.
The other was from the maid to the stars facebook page, I won a challs cleaning product for my royal poem!! I will up date my totals when the prize has arrived as I don't know which one i will be receiving!!

I have been getting slightly disheartened by my lack of wins recently, I am determined to keep going though, I have entered quite alot of postcard copetition both locally and from the magazines which I get. I have also made something for the pilgrims choice win with cheese couture, I have to say I am very pleased with myself! It did take me about 2 hours to make though! Let me know what you think!
 Here's my rose bracelet
 Prizes today : £8.00
Prize total: £249.00

Thursday, 5 May 2011

2 small wins today

I won a Mr Tumble magazine, my boys love watching him so hopefully will enjoy the activities in the magazine. I also won an ID gel wallpaper stripping tool from a facebook competition. This will come in handy when we decorate the kitchen.
Since I have come back from my holiday I have been thinking of prizes that I wouold like to win because I need to buy them anyway. Firstly I am going to need a pushchair, my daughter is 6 months old now and my son is 2 and a half and is not wanting to go in the double pram any more. I have a phil and ted so it can be used as a single pram, but as we will be going on holiday in the summer a small pushchair is a must. So I have 3 months to win one!! I am going to give it my best shot, I thought I would start by doing the following things:
  • Add all baby and pushchair companies on facebook
  • Add all companies on twitter
  • Do all pushchair related competitions on moneysavingexpert
  • Open all my baby related 'junk' emails I get to see if they have any competitions
Anybody have any other ideas? Please let me know.:)
Secondly I am going to need mascara in the next couple of weeks so will do all the above points aswell, i'm really hoping this will be an easier challenge as I have won a few before!
Wish me luck....

Prizes today £5
Running Total £241

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Colouring competitions..........

We have just been on holiday for 10 days to Holland and we came back to discover Leon my 4 year old had won a colouring competition with galt toys. He has won a sponge painting art set, when I told him he was delighted and asked if he could enter more! These type of competitions seem to have very low entries I think this one had 6 entries altogether, Leon's, Toby's (my 2 year old) and 2 that looked like they had been coloured in by adults!!!!
I can't help but feel slightly disappointed that I haven't won anything, but I will kept trying, I would love to win a holiday, but I do find it hard finding the time to seek out competitions that require effort, therfore lower entries.

Prizes today £8.00
Running total £236

Monday, 18 April 2011

Fab weekend

Since Friday i have won 3 muller yoghurts and a mary cow! My children will enjoy playing with this when it comes! ( for a least 5 minutes anyway).
Also had a email I have had an email to say it have won baking pocket bible I love to bake so this is great.

Prizes worth £12.00

Running Total £228

Friday, 15 April 2011

Exciting couple of days!

First of all I received 1 of my fairtrade bundles which is fab, my boys were very excited too, I think its value would be around £25. Also in the post  i received my zippo lighter and a surprise DVD, man of Aran, which I don't remember entering. After doing some research I must have enetered it whilst doing every competition on MSE, which is quite unusual as I don't enter things that I wouldn't use! Oh well i'm sure my dad will watch it!
I checked my twitter this morning and I have won this lovely breastfeeding necklace from my first ever blog win from Mummy alarms blog.
I've totalled my wins up so far and I have won £215 worth which includes my other fairtrade bundle assuming it is the same. I can't believe how much it builds up and hope to reach £2000 by December 2011.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Surprise white envelope.......

After reading lots of hints and tips from I decided to rumage through last weeks local newspaper and I hunted down 2 competitions, one to win tickets to a show and the other to win £50 worth of perfume. To my surprise i received a white envelope today telling me that I had won the perfume! Thats £100 worth since mid feb :)

Monday, 4 April 2011

I've had my 2nd win off facebook today, I've won a zippo lighter! I don't smoke but this will come in handy for bbq's in the summer. I think they are worth about £10 so quite a nice little win :)

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

2 more wins....

I have won a pair of cow print wellies from the muller competition and another yoghurt. I have won nothing else from the hundreds of other competitions I have entered but I will keep on trying!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Thank you cows....

I love this competition it gives you 12 times to win a prize and over the last couple of days i have won £10 cheque and another yoghurt.
Also i've had an email to say that i have won another fairtrade bundle from the facebook competition. I cant wait to receive them and see whats in them.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

£20 giveaway with futures and CSN

I came across this giveaway today, they are giving away a £20 voucher. You get an extra entry if you blog about it.
CSN Stores specialise in homeware, and are extremely popular in the US. They are hoping to become just as big in the UK.Check out the blog and giveaway at

I have been reading lots about entering competitions on blogs and came across a really imformative one today thats give me lots of tips


I feel myself going slightly insane of a morning waiting for the postman to arrive to see if he has bought me any surprises. I feel even worse at the moment as I haven't been able to log into my emails since Sunday as virgin media are having problems and all they seem to be able to come up with is 'we are working on it!'

I have 2 children at home with me Toby 2 and Millie who is 5 months. I decided to get Toby and my eldest, Leon involved with comping and picked up to entry forms from the ELC yesterday, they have drawn lovely pictures of themselves 'exploring in the garden', they really enjoyed doing it. There will be 6 winners, 2 winners will receive £100 and 4 will receive £50, so I just need to drop them back off at the store now.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Very new to this......

I am very new to all of this, reading blogs and writing blogs, but i thought i would give it ago. I'm no expert in comping at all, I have been doing it on and off for about 3 years. I have been entering competitions online only up to now and i think its about time i up my game and try different ways of entering.
I have been entering since mid february and have so far won:-
Agent Provocateur L’AGENT perfume
Krave cereal sample
A muller yohurt
Fairtrade bundle
So, not a great deal in a couple of months compared to what some people win.
Wish me luck........