About Me

My name is Victoria and I'm a twenty something Mum of 3. I live in Cheshire, England, I have a busy lifestyle and always on the go (I wouldn't have it any other way) 3 days a week I am a self employed beautician and 4 days a week I sew golf flags at home (not very thrilling but pays for our holidays). Seven days a week I am a Mum to three children, two boys and  a girl. Although they do feature on my blog I wouldn't class it as a parenting blog

I am a girl who likes cars not lipstick, make-up and fake tan not floral teacups. I like home interiors and fashion. I am sporty and play netball, run and swim weekly however I struggle to keep my weight down. I like chocolate WAY to much. I am scatty and unorganised at times. 

I am fluent in disney.

I am a professional house-work dodger.

About this blog

I started this blog to record my competition wins. However I felt like I had so much more to share and started to share more personal posts. 

I don't feel my blog fits into a theme at the moment and I quite like it that way. It means I blog about what I want when I want to. I guess you could call it a lifestyle blog

So thanks for popping by, I hope you enjoy!

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