Thursday, 13 September 2012

Jenny craig UK competition

Jenny Craig UK are hosting a fantastic blogging competition to win £400 towards a bike and a 28 day weight loss plan. You can find all the information to enter here.

Since having my 3rd child i have been about 2 stone over weight, before my holiday, this year I managed to lose half a stone. I am quite fit, I run and exercise at home. My big problem is food, I love it, especially chocolate, as soon as the kids go to bed the choccy comes out. So my questions is....

How do I break the habit, do I gradually 'wean' myself off chocolate at night time, or just try to stop altogether?

Thursday, 6 September 2012


I haven't been blogging for quite a long time, simply because I haven't been comping for a long time. I last reported the win for the kitchen makeover. Unfortunately it didn't happen, the local company started to ask for extra money, it didn't state anything about needing to pay extra in the terms and conditions so we decided not to take the prize. We were gutted about it but we just had a 'bad feeling' about it. This experience put me off comping for a while, I've won the odd prizes here and there since then.

Aswell as that experience we also got married in the summer, at Lake Garda in Italy, so planning of that has taken quite alot of my time! So i'm back to it now and plan to seek out some comps to enter today and start again. Now that we haven't taken our kitchen prize, I still need to beat my total from last year. And with only 4 months left of the year it's going to be hard!