Monday, 28 October 2013

Weekly weigh in

So this week I have tried to do a no carb diet. I started on Monday and it was going really well until Thursday - Millie's birthday. I actually weighed myself on Thursday morning and I had already lost 3lb.

But... like I said it was going really well until then! I gave in to cake and party food and it went down hill from there.

This week I have lost a grand total of 1lb. I know its better than nothing but again I feel disappointed in myself. I guess I will just start a fresh and try again this week.

Dave took the day off work today and when the kids went to school we went on a shopping spree together for the first time in absolute years. After looking in so many mirrors all day I really feel like I need to slim down abit. 

We will see what this week brings...

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Oral B - Love your gums

I have nice teeth thanks to having a brace as a teenager, they are a fairly good colour and I have no fillings. However since being pregnant with Leon more than 7 years ago my gums haven't been great. My gums bleed quite a lot when I brush and over the years they have definitely reseeded more.

My husband and I have been using the new Oral B for the last couple of weeks and I really like the toothpaste. It has a really nice flavour and texture. We think it has an abrasive texture, it feels like your teeth are getting a very gentle exfoliation (I'm a beautician this is the only way I can explain it!). I do feel like my gums have bled less, but the appearance hasn't changed. 

When I do visit the dentist I have always taken all the children with me, so they can see what needs to be done. Thankfully it has never been a big deal for any of us and they quite happily sit in the chair and have their teeth checked over. And of course the best thing about visiting is the sticker afterwards.

I wouldn't say I have any great routines or tips other than the obvious ones. I really don't floss every night like I should. And I truly believe that some people just have 'better' teeth than others, and I'm so glad I seem to be one of those people. I have no fillings, crowns or anything like that, to be honest I don't think I have ever had a scale and polish! 

But my gums are a problem and I'm hoping with some long term use with this toothpaste combined with more flossing and mouthwash they will get better!

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Weekly weigh in

I've just completed my first week on a 'diet'. I'm hopeless at them. I have excuses as usual... it was my birthday this week, I did well until then, I had two cakes made for me and went out for a meal. Towards the end of the week I just felt like I had failed so I had no will power.

I lost 1lb. I know this is better than gaining or putting on but i just felt a little disappointed in myself. The thing is I get impatient I like to see results quick and I know this is really unrealistic. However one of my clients has been doing the ferriss diet and highly recommends it. I'm going to give it a go, I particularly LOVE that you can take one day off a week and eat as much as you want!

I'm feeling alot more positive this week and I know its going to be another hard week, its half term and Millie's birthday, but I will keep on track until Saturday... my cheat day :)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Phase Eight Blogger Competition

This year I have felt so cold already and I can't wait to buy some warmer clothes. The hubby and I have a shopping trip planned for next week. I need warm clothes!!

Phase Eight have launched a blogger competition to win vouchers when you style one of their winter coats this is perfect timing as I get to browse all the beautiful warm clothing.

Like I said at the grand age of 26 I'm freezing, I want to wrap up this year and that why I chose this Freya Puffa Coat I love the style and the warm hood. Its also filled with duck down so I'm not likely to fell chilly in this. The neck is so high I wouldn't have to bother with a scarf either. The coat comes in 3 different colours and I would chose this mink one, its my favourite colour at the moment.

Next is the LONG sleeved Livia Leaf Print Dress, perfect for the Autumn and such a beautiful print. Of course I would pair this with thick black tights. The Suede Lace Up Desert Boot are quite possibly the most perfect ankle boots I have seen this year and match the dress perfectly. I think they will be great for everyday wear with the big chunky heel and not too dressy for the school run. 

I think the Macey Stitch Beanie Hat adds extra style and warmth. I really like beanie hats they are great for covering up bad hair days and they keep your ears warm on windy days :)

So what do you think of my outfit... looks warm doesn't it?

This is my entry into the phase Eight blogger competition

Thursday, 17 October 2013

My 26th Birthday

Yesterday I turned 26... How the heck I got there so quick I will never know.
I had a lovely day and my husband booked the day off as a surprise. I had to work for a couple of hours in the morning and in that time he made me a cake <3 
My family made it so special, they are a lovely bunch :)

Home made cakes... hunter welly cake made by my mum and sister. White cake made by my husband...

Hunter boots and choccy from my husband..

A few of my lovely cards

Beautiful handmade card

This will not help with my weigh in...

My sister bought me a gorgeous Radley umbrella

My Mum and Dad bought me this coat, its so nice and warm. I chose it myself from Dorothy perkins.

We headed out when other family members had been for some local pub grub.

I had such a lovely day :)

Monday, 14 October 2013

Weekly weigh in

This is something new I want to do on my blog, I saw Alice from Alice's Wonderland do it last week and I promised I would join in!

I would really like to loose a stone before Christmas. I did a 10km run in September and since then I have ran once and gained half a stone! I'm going to sign up to do another one in December and naturally would like to beat my time and my theory is, if I'm lighter surely I will be quicker :)

I weighed myself this morning on the wii fit and I weigh 12stone 10lb.

This is the heaviest I've been when I've not been pregnant, but I feel if I share my weigh loss with the World I might just find some extra motivation not to let myself down.

As a self confessed chocoholic I now this is going to be hard but surely with plenty of exercise, smaller meals and minimal chocolate its got to be achievable!

Wish me luck guys and why not join in to? Leave your comments and I will follow your progress :)

Friday, 11 October 2013

My dream Debenhams bedroom

When we moved into our house 7 years ago we new that our bedroom would be the last thing to be decorated. i didn't think that 7 years later it still wouldn't be done. Our bedroom isn't relaxing or our chill out zone. Its a dumping ground for things that everyone else doesn't want in their room. We have mis matched furniture and our bed is held up with weights where the wheels have broken off. 

When I saw that mammasaurus was hosting a bedroom competition I new I had to enter. Not only can you win a £500 Debenhams gift card but you can window shop with 5 grand!

Now maybe I took this *way* too seriously and spent far too much time doing it but I wanted to create something that reflexes us both. Masculine yet feminine. Somewhere where we are both able to relax and enjoy..... and if I do stumble across a spare £5000 anywhere I will have a ready made mood board :)

1. Black New York bonded leather TV bed frame. £1296.00
4. cup and saucer lamp X2 £110
5. pink flamingo wallpaper x2 rolls £38.00
8. Silver Whisper rug 160x230cm £184
10. Titanium light fitting £56.80
11. grey bedroom chair £432.00

Total £3458.80

I'm really surprised at how 'cheap' this all came to! I would even have enough for a new TV to put in that bedframe!

I feel like the black bed frame, furniture and lighting are all manly. I would use the wallpaper on just one wall for a touch of glamour and the rest a light grey paint. I love the bedding and there was no way I could leave that out, it think it really softens the room.

What do you think of my dream bedroom?

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Lets go on a conker hunt

This post is an entry for BritMums ‘Little Adventures Challenge’ in partnership with Barny, the bear-shaped snack providing a little discovery in every bite. Find out more about Barny here.

Now both boys are at school Millie is on her own with me at home, we try to get out everyday and yesterday we went on a Conker hunt. My children for some reason love conkers, when they have collected them they don't do anything with them apart from leave them around the house.

We went to a little woodland area on the way to my Mum's house and started hunting for conkers, we didn't have to hunt too much as there were loads!

We saw mushrooms in lots of different places

She seemed lost without her brothers running around her aswell


Then we found this tree. I have lived in this area all my life and must have walked past this tree literally thousands of time and have never noticed it. I've never seen other children playing in it and certainly never did when I was younger. I couldn't actually believe it when I saw it. I almost got in myself, I would have fit aswell!

Our adventure was fun and interesting. There were so many colours and different types of things to look at. Millie had a fantastic time, she asked endless questions and learnt so many new things.

We got to my Mum's and she showed off her new conkers. Then after minutes of telling her adventures and showing her finds to Barny Bear she bit off his head!

I must say myself and my husband had a Barny bear last night and they are super tasty. They are sponge with a gooey chocolate bit inside. The boys loved them too, I think they will be a regular treat in our house.

If you want to join in with the competition you can find out more here.