Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Comic relief fun

We have really enjoyed Comic Relief this year and have donated in many different ways. I think the boys had more of an understanding what it was all about this year. We let them stay up and watch the first half an hour or so. We couldn't let it pass without a few funny photos though.

On comic relief day, Friday, school asked all the children to come in as much red as they could. Here's the boys with red clothes and sprayed red hair. They were so impressed they could change their hair colour. In fact it changed their head colour and I was still scrubbing at their heads tonight while in the bath!!Leon wasn't very pleased I was distracting him on this photo!

I won again this week on Jackpotjoys Comic relief promotion, for this daft photo I won £50. I thought it would turn out better but I think it just looked darn right freaky! haha

And I found out today this daft picture of myself and Dave won us a £50 sainsburys voucher. 

Anybody else do anything fun?

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  1. I love that last photo, we didn't do anything major. Perhaps next year