Monday, 17 June 2013

#KidsGrowWild After school fun

This post is an entry for BritMums #KidsGrowWild Challenge. are running another competition for bloggers - this time they want us to get out in the garden with the kids. Competition ends on the 23rd June so if you want to enter you will have to be super quick. 

We were all really impressed with the gardening kit which consisted of a green bag, nice blue gloves, watering can, lots of seeds, a trowel and a fork.

I bought some fun bright plant pots, we have just turfed our garden so these will look nice up against the fence.

They filled the pots deciding how much compost to put in...

The boys both wanted sunflowers and Millie (mainly because of the big pink flowers on the front) decided to grow pansies.

She also dropped quite a few seeds on the newly turfed. Ooops we are going to have a colourful patch!

 Best of all they liked watering! In the end the whole grass got watered.

Finally we put names in the pots so they can remember who's is who's!

We did this after school today and had a great afternoon they really enjoyed planting and talking about how big their flowers are going to grow. Although they had a pot each I think it encouraged team work aswell they helped each other and shared the tools nicely. It certainly made my job of 'photo taker' very easy!

Thank you Moneysupermarket!

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  1. What great fun! Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums.