Friday, 2 May 2014

5 fave posts

I've been blogging for a while now and I started my blog just to make a record of my competition wins for the first couple of years. Then I wanted to write more about my life and what we get up to. Even more recently I have shared my upcycling and crafting projects. It was difficult to pick favourite posts because really I wanted to just choose the personal ones.

Here's five of my favourite posts I think you will like :)

This post is one of my most viewed posts. Its shows you how I made a cushion cover from one of my old jumpers. The cushion cover is still doing well and has pride of place on my sofa! 

This was actually a competition entry to win an ipad, I didn't win but I still enjoyed writing the post. It was really nice to look back on the year and write about it in a post.It makes you realise how much fun you have had in the year aswell.

I like to blog about cake, I also like to eat cake and I love baking cakes. They are a great addition to anyone's birthday present. This one is just a little round up of the cakes I had made around that time.

 Entering competitions is the reason I started this blog so I have to include this! It's my prize list if things I won in 2013. Its also the most prizes I have won in a year!

I love making homemade costumes for the kids and this lot won me a huge prize bundle for blogging about it, including alton towers tickets and £100 Marks and Spencer voucher. I actually ended up selling both of the adult costumes on ebay for over £60 for the pair of them. We still have the bat costume and the ghost costume!

There you have it - my five favourite posts from the whole while I have been blogging. 

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