Sunday, 22 January 2012

Baking with 3 messy monsters

This is my entry for the Appliances online with Red Ted Art's 'cooking competition.

Baking or cooking is a weekly activity on our house. I usually let the boys decide what they want to make.. This Friday they came up with cookies, with chocolate chips. Cooking with 3 children usually goes to plan but this week Millie didn't fancy it, so I told the boys what to do and they did it all!!
Millie had enough after 5 minutes :(

They love getting stuck in - as usual Toby refused to wear his apron

Cracking eggs time... just a slight spillage and no egg shell...perfect!

"They are ready to go in the oven mum" "Well done boys they look...lovely!"

"I didn't lick the spoon, honest"

Finished product, they actually tasted delicious! Needless to say there are none left!

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