Monday, 1 October 2012

My latest prize

I have won my first big win for ages today, a £50 cloggs voucher from the cloggs facebook page. I really wanted to win this competition just because I love designer shoes but I can't always afford designer prices. So i thought long and hard about it and decided to make cupcakes mainly because I  love making cupcakes and so i could include cloggs in my entry. I had a good look at their website and decided to do little cake toppers of all the brands they had. Admittedly they did take me all week to make, here's the finished entry:

I've had my eye on a pair of hunter wellies for ages, just what I need in time for winter.

I have also joined Pinterest so I can enter other competitions, so far I have only entered one as I have got completely side tracked and spent most of the time looking at the images rather than pinning and repinning. I haven't really got used to it all yet. But if you like follow me at

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