Monday, 28 October 2013

Weekly weigh in

So this week I have tried to do a no carb diet. I started on Monday and it was going really well until Thursday - Millie's birthday. I actually weighed myself on Thursday morning and I had already lost 3lb.

But... like I said it was going really well until then! I gave in to cake and party food and it went down hill from there.

This week I have lost a grand total of 1lb. I know its better than nothing but again I feel disappointed in myself. I guess I will just start a fresh and try again this week.

Dave took the day off work today and when the kids went to school we went on a shopping spree together for the first time in absolute years. After looking in so many mirrors all day I really feel like I need to slim down abit. 

We will see what this week brings...

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