Monday, 14 October 2013

Weekly weigh in

This is something new I want to do on my blog, I saw Alice from Alice's Wonderland do it last week and I promised I would join in!

I would really like to loose a stone before Christmas. I did a 10km run in September and since then I have ran once and gained half a stone! I'm going to sign up to do another one in December and naturally would like to beat my time and my theory is, if I'm lighter surely I will be quicker :)

I weighed myself this morning on the wii fit and I weigh 12stone 10lb.

This is the heaviest I've been when I've not been pregnant, but I feel if I share my weigh loss with the World I might just find some extra motivation not to let myself down.

As a self confessed chocoholic I now this is going to be hard but surely with plenty of exercise, smaller meals and minimal chocolate its got to be achievable!

Wish me luck guys and why not join in to? Leave your comments and I will follow your progress :)