Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Light and airy bedroom inspiration

I feel like I've lost my blog a little over the past couple of weeks to reviews and regular posts so I thought I would do something abit different.

This year I need to decorate and renew my bedroom, I mean everything, new curtains, furniture, bedding and I want a rug!! We have laminate flooring throughout the house and its so cold in the mornings!

I find it so hard because i like so many themes, I like pinks, country, monochrome etc. I'm a Libra and apparently this is one of our traits - being extremely indecisive!

I'm going to go with duck egg and shabby chic theme its completely out of character for me to choose blues but I've seen some really nice duck egg things about! Its light and airy and that's just what I need in the mornings. 

I love the Laura Ashley wallpaper, it will take a lot of persuading for Mr H to hang this I think though! I love the colours I chose and i think it will work well with white walls and the wallpaper on just one wall. we are going to get  mirrored sliding doors to create a wardrobe and hopefully this will make the room look bigger.

What do you think of my choices?


  1. I like the colour too. Our guest room is duckegg blue and beige, which seems to work well together. LOVE the dressing table!

    1. Thanks I almost ordered the dressing table today then I thought I'd better make space for it first :)

  2. I love the wall paper. We have Laura Ashley wallpaper in the lounge, it's a pale green and white, I love it and hubby said it was easy to hang!

  3. Our bedroom is desperate for a re-vamp. Love this colour scheme has really got me thinking about less talk more change as far as our bedroom is concerned.