Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Save a life buy a Kujali ipad mini cover

Kujali is a new conscious tech accessory brand founded in November 2013 by Marc Day, that helps to protect children in Africa  from Malaria. Marc and his wife have travelled to Africa and have seen how the locals live, they decided the wanted to try and help save the lives of the children living there. Marc was already selling tech accessories and decided to develop a protective cover for the ipad mini and for every one sold he would donate a mosquito net or a life saving treatment to the children in Africa.

Did you know?
Malaria kills over 1 million people every year and it is one of the largest killers of children in the world today. 90% of deaths are in sub-Saharan Africa where it claims a childs life every minute. That is the equivalent of seven 747 Jumbo Jets of children dying from malaria each day.

We were sent a KUJALI classic ipad mini cover to review. I fitted the ipad mini in and left the kids to road test it first after all the are the biggest critics! They were all excited and impressed with it, my oldest said he particularly liked the red suede.

I personally I think its good, its a luxury, well fitted, robust case. It protects the ipad well as Millie proved yesterday when she dropped it! The ipad is protected by a red silicone skin

Which is then slipped into a stylish hard casing. The ipad is protected on all four corners. As well  all charging ports etc. are covered by the silicone but still easy accessible.

The casing is thick and hard wearing, its sleek and classic...

It has two indentations in the covers so you can watch or use your ipad at two different angles, perfect for watching a film... or in my case catching up with emails whilst making the school lunches :) 

And most of all it provides perfect protection so the children can comfortably play with the ipad. Its ironic really we are protecting a ipad but by buying a cover you can protect a life...

I would recommend this cover to anyone... did I mention it has a lifetime guarantee? What are you waiting for? You can even buy them from Amazon

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