Wednesday, 22 February 2012

pancake fun!

We had lots of fun making pancakes yesterday.I'm not the mst creative person so I asked the boys for their ideas and they came up with a pirate pancake! So here's what we came up with:
The boys decided they didn't actually like pancakes. However I love them so they ate the sweets and I ate the pancakes!!! The bandana was ade with jam and the teeth dolly mixtures, I think the rest is obvious!!
I noticed a few competitions that wanted pictures of you actually tossing the pancake, I had a few practise goes and the boys 'bet' I couldn't do it with a mask on. We all got so involved and excited I forgot to take pictures without the mask!!! So here it is:

This picture won me some goodies from Arm and Hammers facebook page. We are decorating by the way - hence the mess!!!!

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