Sunday, 27 January 2013

A day Trip to London

Part of my boys Christmas present was a day trip to London so yesterday was the day, we got up nice and early, dropped Millie off at my mum's and headed to that station and jumped on the 7.56am train.

We got into London at 10am there were some delays on the lines so it took us abit longer, the boys came up with what they wanted to see! Firstly we headed over to Buckingham palace, as we got there we realised that people were waiting around the the changing of the guard, we waited too, although it was so busy we didn't see much, the boys did as we had them on our shoulders, they loved every minute of it and took some great pictures.

Leon with my sister

Toby on his Dad's shoulders and Leon in front on mine.

Next was Big Ben, they have wanted to see Big Bin since they first watched Cars 2, along with the Eiffel Tower (which they have been to) and Tokyo Tower (which they probably won't see). Leon was so pleased he saw it and took quite alot of pictures on his camera. All they wanted to do was go inside it!

Leon the keen photographer

 We do have one in our town centre but they insisted!

We had a pre-booked flight on the London eye so after dinner in the good old McDonalds we boarded on! None of us had been on the eye before and it was such a clear day we could see for miles. It was much better than I expected it to be. The boys were fascinated with the whole thing. The Asians who we were on the flight with were more fascinated with Toby than what they could see out of the window, asking him for photos, he was in his element!

Next we jumped on the tube again and made our way to Piccadilly Circus they didn't really know what else they wanted to do so we suggested Ripley's Believe it or Not! Dave and I have been before and we new they would love it, we spent the rest of the time in here looking at the weird and wonderful things from around the World.

My sister with the World's tallest man!

We caught the 5pm train home, made it back for 6.40pm, picked up Millie got changed and we all headed out for a 30th birthday party! Today we are having a lazy Sunday!

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