Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Lego, castles and sewing machine cakes

I love making cakes for all different occasions and people, i have never had any training I've just learnt tricks as I've gone along, I had some tweets and messages from people saying they liked my Wallace and Gromit cupcakes so I thought I would share some more with you.

This is the first cake I made and really got me going.I made it for my sister when she graduated.
This is the most recent one I made for Millie's 2nd birthday

I made this for my sister's engagement party, her fiancee proposed in New Zealand and the kiwi's are the New Zealand bird! Funny looking things aren't they!
I made these coffee cupcakes to go with them!
My eldest loved Lego around his 6th birthday and still does actually.
Sewing Machine cake!
This is definitely my most ambitious cake to date, it was so hard to balance the cake and the left hand side is held up by 1 skewer! Dad loved it (he is a sewing machine mechanic)
These were for my bug obsessed 3 year old's party.

 The very hungry Caterpillar
And this was his cake to go with it!

Although they take me hours (sewing machine being about 12 hours) I definately think homemade cakes are so much more personal to the person receiving them. I must have more pictures somewhere but can't seem to find them. It's my sister's birthday in March and I'm thinking of attempting a handbag cake.
Do you like making cakes?

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