Sunday, 20 January 2013

Thank you Tate kids :)

When I saw Tate kids competition on Super Lucky's creative round-up for kids I knew I had to ask Leon if he wanted to do it. I told him there is a chance he could win an ipad mini and to my surprise he was up for it. He's not the most creative person ever - neither am I, so when these competitions come up I always try and do them to get all our creative juices flowing. Sometimes I don't enter the final pieces if its a prize we wouldn't particularly use. But this time I did!!

So, Tate kids asked you to  'invent your very own mission for the Night Zookeeper drawing torch app'. So after reading through the examples of current missions we had a feel of what was expected. Over Christmas Toby was in hospital, so the current theme in our house then was hospitals for just about everything (dressing up, drawing, pretend cannula's- you get my drift!!). So Leon wanted a doctor animal, originally he decided on a doctor elephant but then thought that would be too hard to draw, so came up with a monkey! (personally I think they are both quite hard to draw- but hey my opinion didn't count!). I pointed out to him that animals aren't seen by doctors but vets, so it quickly changed to a monkey vet. He really got into talking about the whole story and decided that a lion would be the poorly animal, which he thought was funny 'because usually i bet the lion would eat the monkey and know he wants the monkey to make him better' were his words! So here's his mission which is going to be included in the night zookeeper drawing torch app.

"The Lion is poorly and the vet is out, a monkey vet steps in to save the day. What would Monkey Vet look like?"

And this is what he came up with:

Isn't it great? This is the best drawing he has done to date it took him ages to do and i think I will probably keep it forever!!

He waited until i got home from work to open it even though he new what it was and it was addressed to him. Bless!

Soooooo excited :) 

Thank you Tate kids for running a brilliant competition and of course picking Leon as your winner.


  1. Hi there! Love the blog so much that I have nominated you for a Liebster blog award! You can see my post here:

    Alice x

  2. Huge congrats to your son! Beautiful drawing! I encouraged my little brother and sisters to enter some competitions, and my brother won a wall mural and my sister won a sylvanian families ice cream van!

    They were both very excited. I don't know how he lasted but it's so sweet that he waited for you before he opened it! :)

    Naomi xxx