Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pancake day :)

I love pancakes, sweet ones of course. But, I struggle with them I think I am probably the Worlds worst pancake maker!! Last year I had my first proper go at making them from scratch and I can remember ruining all the mixture after tea and running to the co-op for ready made ones so I didn't disappoint the kids. Nightmare!!

This year I thought I would get the powder where you just add water. We decided to have pancakes last night as I was working this evening. I still can't do it!! They either get stuck to the pan, I burn them or they don't cook properly in the middle. I went through 1 whole bottle before I got one right. I finally managed to make the kids one each. I also forgot to take a picture.

Anyway when the kids got in bed I decided to have another go, surely it can't be that hard, maybe I'm just not patient enough?? So I really took my time and made this gromit pancake. Although it wasn't really edible because I only cooked one side I thought it might look alright to enter into some competititons.

I woke up this morning to an ill 4 year old. He hasn't been to nursery today and been on the sofa most of the day so I thought I should try and make some pink pancake with Millie. I saw these and thought I would make my version. 

While I was concentrating on perfecting pink pancakes Millie decided to experiment with blue food colouring while stood on the chair next to me. I heard giggles looked to the side and she had somehow managed to get blue food colouring all over the BACK of her jumper, her face, hands AND in her hair!! Jumper ruined, hands stained oh and she has 2 blue streaks in her hair!! I have tried to get them out. It looks like I have decided to colour my 2 year olds hair, working in a hairdressers it doesn't look particularly good!

Blue hair?? 
This was taken after I quickly whipped her jumper off her, washed her face and hands!

After complaining to my Mum how rubbish I am at making pancakes she thought this might be nice for me the see in my emails after i've come in from work.
Thanks Mum. 


  1. The gromit ones so cute xx

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  2. I've just popped over from Blow your own Bloghorn My goodness, this puts a whole different slant on Shrove Tuesday!