Thursday, 7 February 2013

Miss guided Valentines date wishlist

I am completely in love with Missguided at the moment, I've been browsing the website for far too long this week and seem as I'm not buying clothes at the moment I didn't think it would do any harm in creating a valentines date wish list! 

So if my husband was to take me out on Valentines Day this is what I would be wearing:

I think most people would chose red but I really don't suit or feel comfortable in red so I would go for this plum dress. I like that its got long sleeves, I feel the cold so they will do nicely. And to cover up my legs I would wear these tights, definately got a love theme going on:

As for shoes I freakin' love these, geez they are beautiful. I want them! Would they even match? I don't care I'm sure they would.

I never really take much out with me on a night out so this clutch would be perfect.

Paired with a few bangles my look would be complete!

So what do you think? I really feel like its got a rock chic theme going on and I love it and for just over £100 I think I would look pretty cool!

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