Friday, 15 November 2013

My New Fireplace

Over the past few days, weeks, months.... years, I have been trying to declutter my house and now the children don't touch and mess with everything they aren't suppose to, I want to make it more homely.
One of the things I have done is spruced up my fire place abit. It used to be the dumping ground for things that the kids shouldn't have.. batteries for the remote when they figured how to ping off the back... lose bits of change they found down the sofa, bits of receipts and other unuseful bits and bobs... please say you know what I mean!
My uninspiring fireplace used to look like this:

And no your eyes are not deceiving you- we actually don't have any coal in our fire place. We don't use it and when the boys were little they used to use them as balls, missiles, snacks... and anything else they can possibly think of.

I've been on the look out for different things I can buy to make it look nicer. I wanted bargains as usual :) So after trips to Instore and Matalan this is what it looks like now.

I still want to add I few things as it just looks like something is missing. I think the fire surround would look much better painted- my the hubby is having none of it. I think dark grey, what do you think? The 3 hearts are from B&M a while ago. The single heart and the white heart candle holder are from one of the local garden centres.

Clock £6 from Matalan, we have lived here nearly 8 years and never had a clock in there!

I really liked this simple glass candle stand for £5. I like the fact it will go with any colour and you can change the colour of the candle with the season, I think there will be red ones on there soon!

More candle holders (I'm slightly obsessed with candles at the moment) I want some small light pinky ones to go on here.
And this is what inspired me to start, I thought it was really cute, not only that its a steal at £1.99. Instore have loads of cream pillar candle too.
I like that candles instantly update an area and when your a bit bored of them you can burn them and replace them with different theme or colour etc. Its a really cheap way of updating.
So that fireplace what do you think? To paint or not to paint?