Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Weekly weigh in

I knew I wouldn't lose weight this week as I've been making tasty cakes and hearty meals all week. So when I stepped on the scales this morning I was hardly surprised I had put on 1lb. 

I should have actually weighed myself yesterday but I was rushing around in the morning and I had ate my breakfast before I remembered and there is no way I was weighing myself afterwards!

Whilst at work today I found some inspiration, in the form of Cheryl Cole's 'belfie'. Now I'm not saying when I look like this from behind I'm going to start posting 'belfies' all over my blog and social media.... but it would be nice if I could...you know if I wanted to :)


I will probably NEVER get this toned and slim, but it did inspire me to go for a run tonight!

Weight: 12.6 stone
Total loss: 4lb

1 comment :

  1. We'll count it as a blip hun! Good luck next week x