Monday, 11 November 2013

Review: Slumberdown quilted mattress protector

My little man is five now and still has problems with bed wetting. He's not an anxious child or one to worry out things in fact he's quite the opposite. I often wonder if this is the problem he's not actually bothered his does wet and can't actually be bothered getting up.

I carry him to the toilet every night and he has a huge long wee even though I make him go before bed. Some times I don't make it up to him time, in fact this very often happens.

As you can imagine we need a good mattress protector for him as  it gets so much use! We have currently been using the Slumberdown kids waterproof quilted mattress protector. We are hugely impressed.

Firstly I was so surprised at how thick it was, which is great because it just makes the bed more cosy. Its a generous size and we don't have to stretch it over the corners. The biggest difference is that it doesn't crackle and squeak during the night when he's turning over. 
Its a perfect fit!

Sure enough the first night it was on he wet the bed. It was so impressed with the protector. There was no puddle of wee lying on his sheet or protector- it had completely soaked it all in. When I took the protector off, the mattress wasn't wet or the slightest bit damp, it was bone dry.

Straight away I bunged it in the washing machine with his sheet, and dried it on the radiator the next day. Its perfect still and back on his bed.

Its really thick!

You can buy these at Tesco for £10.50, and for that you get a comfy, thick, QUIET mattress protector. Its well worth the money. Everyone should have one.

* We received the mattress protector free for the review. All opinions are my own.


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