Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Say it with cake - Baker Days review

On Saturday morning a cake dropped through my door... a letterbox cake!! When I told the hubby what it was his words were 'good look with that!'. I had to admit it did sound pretty crazy that a cake could drop through your door, make it in one piece and taste good! But thats what Baker Days do and very well might I add! 

Weather its personalised birthday cakes, Good Luck, Well done, congratulations or just last minute cupcakes Baker Days do it and can deliver so the cakes are with you the very next day!

It came beautifully packaged in a metal tin  along with some love hearts..

Wrapped up with super easy instructions of how to remove the cake in one piece...

I chose a cake for my husband just to remind him of how much I love him. I really like the bright side designs and my wedding planner was the same design so it reminded me of that :)

The cake was surprisingly moist and tasty. We cut the cake for 5 of us and the pieces were perfect sizes. And just to make it clear these are not like supermarket cakes, they are not dry or crumbly. They are all handmade, soft, moist and perfectly tasty.

Fresh, light and tasty just how we like them...

I would recommend Baker Days for any occasion, in fact I think these cakes would go down better than flowers.  I think they are good value for money when you take into consideration, the excellent packaging, next day delivery, the quality of the designs and the tastiness of the cakes.

This would definitely brighten up my day picking up one if these off the door mat with a special message inside. Or if your quick you could get one just in time for Valentines Day...


  1. This is a fab idea. My granddaughter Lucy would love this - She could tell all her friends at school how she got a cake through her letter box - Wow

    1. I know! My children were pretty amazed! :)

  2. Wow these cakes look fab